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Crystal Tea Ball Infuser/Strainer - Raw Carnelian

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These tea balls are ~ 2 inches in diameter and will hold at least 1 - 2 teaspoons of tea with room for the leaves to expand - perfect for a single (small or large) mug of tea! 

You will receive 1 Tea Ball with Raw Carnelian and a Carnelian meaning card with your order.

KEY WORDS: Ambition, Energy, Action

Carnelian embodies the fiery nature of our being; the passion, motivation, and desire we often stifle. This stone ignites the hearth of your soul, also known as the solar plexus, to create sparks of curiosity and ambition. It also opens the root chakra, backing up inspiration with the physical energy to pursue it. Beyond passions, Carnelian overall brings life force energy into the body. Any negative energy held within will be burned away to make space for the vitality of life to flow through. Carnelian is like the physical trainer of stones, giving you a boost and letting you know that you can do it.

Due to the nature of natural items, color and pattern will vary. 

The stones measure about 1 inch and the chain is approximately 3 inches long. Our 304 stainless-steel tea ball features fine mesh and closes on the side to secure the tea leaves. The crystal hangs outside the mugs to balance the tea ball. 

Tea balls are easy to use and clean! Add your tea, lock the hinge to close, and steep as directed for your tea. To clean, please hand wash your tea ball while avoiding exposing the wire-wrapped stone to excessive or prolonged moisture. We suggest hand washing these and drying them thoroughly. Do not put it in the dishwasher, the crystal will not be happy.