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Service - Protection - Healing


I ask for the revelation of my highest path of service, and I embrace it fully knowing I am protected from harm


Chemical Formula





Charoite shines a light in the darkness. It opens your eyes and mind to what is truly going on around you beyond the subconscious. Along with the third eye, crown, heart, and solar plexus, Charoite also activates the etheric chakra. The etheric system works as a personal space bubble; the meeting point between you and the rest of the world. When activated, this chakra can engage consciousness and unveil reality. Any trickery, false prophets, and manipulation can be identified when it is activated with Charoite. This deep purple stone fosters awareness of the truth no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Charoite is an excellent stone to assist with decision making due to its ability to assist with analyzing situations and/or bringing clarity to mental chaos. It can help us understand unconscious fears and past life experiences that we may have brought with us to our current life. Charoite is also good for insomnia and preventing nightmares.

Charoite is both a stone that raises our vibrations while keeping us grounded. It inspires inner work within ourselves and prevents us from falling back to low vibrational habits, mindsets, or actions and remain on our higher path. It assists us with taking this high vibrational healing and knowledge and bringing it back down to Earth to assist and teach others.


Charoite weaves its energy through the chakras when it is close by. Carry Charoite when you feel unsure about making decisions, trusting others, and struggling with self-image. It will allow you to see the world with a spiritual lens. The bigger picture makes struggles meaningful, subconscious fear meaningless, and intentions obvious. Hold Charoite in your hand or keep in a pocket to stay aware of when you act out of fear instead of love. This lilac stone will guide you to living your authentic life by showing you where you don’t.


Connected to the divine, Charoite can reveal helpful messages to you. In a quiet, comfortable space, hold Charoite to your heart or set it on your head to open the appropriate chakras. Take deep breaths and let white light fill you up. Imagine Charoite’s purple hues open a gate between you and the heavens. This is the portal for your guides to send messages easily. Ask any question you need clarity on. In a few breaths, images, words, or feelings may come up. Take these as divine symbols and research their meaning. It may take several practices with Charoite to tap into this divine connection.


Charoite was first discovered in the 1940s around the Chara River during a rail tunnel excavation. The river area is located in remote eastern Siberia, Russia. This is the only known place Charoite mineral has been found, making it a rare stone. Jewelry makers seek out Charoite for its wavy lilac formation that cannot be faked. The waves are caused by feldspar flecks and the mineral’s fibrous structure. All of these unique aspects of Charoite have made it a highly desirable stone.