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Rainbow Obsidian

Emotional Healing - Light


I am attuned to the radiant, healing light within.


Chemical Formula





Like its sister stone Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian protects and grounds you. The additional energy around its rainbow layers fosters healing in the emotional body. Mainly a root chakra healer, Rainbow Obsidian allows space for you to step out of your emotion and back into the physical body. Once the focus is shifted from emotion to body, you can regain your strength to move past pain and grief. Rainbow Obsidian’s support improves emotional stability, fortitude of the heart, and acceptance of trauma. Once you accept trauma, it can be released and replaced with hope and strength. Its reflective rainbows remind us that within darkness there is light.


Rainbow Obsidian works like a hug. It warms your heart with a close embrace. Keep Rainbow Obsidian in hand when you need emotional support through a loss. Any heartbreak can be aided by this iridescent stone. Hold it in the palm of your hand as a reminder of your steadfast heart. Know that like Rainbow Obsidian, you can withstand immense pressure and still remain beautiful and solid. Simply its weight alone in hand or pocket can represent the grounding nature of its vibration surrounding you.


Use the rings of Rainbow Obsidian to meditate on heart healing. Hold the stone to your heart in a comfortable, safe space. Wherever you hold emotional pain in your body, breathe into it. If you hold it in your shoulders, feel the breath flow there. After several minutes of breath work, imagine the purple and green ribbons of Rainbow Obsidian wrapping around your heart. Let its energetic color bandage up the emotional pain you are attached to. This rainbow ribbon will later be a reminder of protection when you’re finished with the meditation.


This multicolored stone forms when lava cools at different times. Each layer of purple and green is lava frozen in time, resulting in rainbow bands. Rainbow Obsidian also has an iridescent shine from Magnetite nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are cooled within the lava and radiate a shimmery effect when light hits it.