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Black Tourmaline

Grounding - Protection - Purification


My spirit is grounded deep in the earth. I am calm, centered and peaceful.


Chemical Formula





The purifying nature of Black Tourmaline acts as a magnet for positivity. Activating the root chakra, Black Tourmaline brings a sense of certainty and assuredness. Bringing your presence into your core leaves your mind to only focus on the now. In such a state, worry, fear, and anxiety cannot remind you of the past or future. Black Tourmaline purifies the mind with this redirection of inner energy. This jet-black stone also fosters stability, both emotionally and physically. It is a great guide in times of transition or uncertainty pertaining to health or relationships.


Black Tourmaline is a wonderful traveling companion! Due to its powerful dispelling abilities, external negative energies disperse around this stone. If you plan to travel to crowded cities, unsafe areas for work, or venture alone you can keep Black Tourmaline in your pocket or wear it as a bracelet pendant so that its energy is close to your core. Its healing properties will keep you present and aware of your surroundings without causing unnecessary alarm. You will feel a sense of control by focusing on your actions rather than your fearful thoughts.


Not only is Black Tourmaline a purification stone, it is also a protector. It’s vibration dispels the negative energies that permeate our home. Especially in modern day, electronic devices radiate waves of EMF. These radiation waves interfere with our connection to the soul and produce distracting, unaligned thinking patterns. To use Black Tourmaline, set it near any devices such as TVs, phones, and computers. Even setting a stone in the kitchen near your microwave can aid in its disturbance to your home. Reinforce Black Tourmaline’s protection power by setting it out under a full moon for a night. The cosmic energy will wash the negative EMF absorbed into the stone. (Make sure to leave near a window or covered outside so Black Tourmaline doesn’t get wet!)


The allure of Black Tourmaline and its fellow tourmalines began in Europe around the 17th century. European voyagers from the Dutch East India Company discovered tourmaline on Sri Lanka and found their unworldly beauty as a means of protection. Dutch peoples used Black Tourmaline to clear out ash from pipes in their homes by heating up one end of the stone. Not far off from where we are now, using it to clear radiation waves!