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Mental Discipline - Willpower - Innovation


I am open to receiving information from my Higher Self and I will use this information for the greater good for all.


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The mind finds a divine keeper in Dumortierite. This mystical stone is all about enhancing mental abilities and intuitive connection. Held within its deep blue color, Dumortierite channels power through the third eye chakra. The third eye is open to receiving and retaining information with this stone’s vibration nearby. It also allows the mind to connect to divine knowledge that flows in through intuition and psychic messages. Dumortierite is great for those who need help remembering both temporal and astral memories. An excellent stone for lending courage and gaining insight to overcome any obstacle.


Wherever you need a boost to the brain, place Dumortierite. Sitting on a desk, this royal blue beauty can improve memory for tests or preparing for a presentation. It absorbs the intellectual information around it and sends it back out into the atmosphere later. It is beneficial to bring it to any situation where you need to share ideas. Dumortierite will remind you what information needs to be shared when it's around. Be sure to cleanse the stone when you’re finished with specific information for the next mental exercise.


Dumortierite works similarly to the brain. When we repeat ideas or thoughts, our brain stores them. Eventually, these ideas become beliefs and transform into habits. The best ritual to maximize Dumortierite’s power is to share your mind with it. Speak ideas out loud to the stone, letting it absorb the information. Repeat lists that need to be remembered for later. When you eventually need the information, Dumortierite will channel it back to you. It may require a prompt of, “what information do I need right now?” Like an intuitive light bulb, the information will flood back into your mind.

Crystal Pairings

Many crystals and stones working with the higher chakras (crown and third eye) are gateway channelers for the divine. Similar to Quartz, Dumortierite channels a massive amount of energy. This energy can be potent for those who are not spiritually grounded enough to handle its frequency. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, use a grounding stone such as Obsidian with Dumortierite to balance the root and third eye. This will keep you from being consumed by daydreams, abstract thought loops, and unproductivity.