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Cleansing - Purification - Grounding


I allow myself to release and detoxify.


Chemical Formula





Shungite is a rare and unique form of Carbon that has a distinctive molecular structure that makes it incredibly healing at the atomic and molecular level. Shungite’s healing energy is heavily focused on the physical body, however emotional ups-and-downs can find some balance in Shungite’s stable energy.

Phones, radio waves, and television can cause disturbances in our auras resulting in outbursts or stress. Not only does Shungite remove toxins within our body from EMF radiation (electric & magnetic fields from electronics) and other pollutants, it also allows us to be more open to divine downloads, light codes, and in general more etheric experiences and influences.


Shungite finds its power when it is planted in one place. With its earthy aura, this black stone directs negative energy from the environment and channels it back into the earth. Much like lightning hitting the ground, Shungite stabilizes the EMF in any room it inhabits. Set Shungite at the base of devices that send out waves or signals. Placing Shungite on top of your phone will keep its electromagnetic waves from interrupting your sleep or relaxation. This effect allows you to make decisions from a soul-centered mindset instead of being distracted by the busy vibrations in your home.


To benefit from Shungite directly, practice meditating with it. It is best to use it at the end of the day so that you can find restful sleep afterwards. Shungite will clear a cloudy, confused mind and heart. Turn off the lights and close doors to promote a quiet space. Lie in bed with Shungite in hand. It can be placed on the forehead, stomach, or over the heart. Wherever you feel too much activity, set Shungite there. Let any last thoughts of the day enter your mind then melt away. Imagine a white light blanketing your body. Let this be Shungite’s protective energy keeping harmful radiation from entering your sleep. Your dreams after this meditation may reveal soul messages that need exploring.

Science Note

Shungite has made major contributions to science! In 1996, three scientists who discovered a naturally occurring antioxidant in the humble stone won a Nobel Science Prize. The antioxidant element was called “fullerenes” and came from a new form of carbon. The fullerenes were discovered to destroy harmful pathogens in 2017.