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Shungite Hearts

Pieces are intuitively chosen, characteristic requests can be made at the end of checkout.
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Approximate size: 1.25”

You will receive 1 intuitively selected Shungite heart and a meaning card with your order.


ENERGY: Shungite is a rare and unique form of Carbon that has a distinctive molecular structure that makes it incredibly healing at the atomic and molecular level. Shungite’s healing energy is heavily focused on the physical body. Not only does it remove toxins within our body from EMF radiation (electric & magnetic fields from electronics) and other pollutants, it also allows us to be more open to divine downloads, light codes, and in general more etheric experiences and influences.

Shungite is also a protective and grounding stone. It assists with negativity held within the body. It promotes us to speak nothing but our absolute truth as it allows us to see the wrong in negative or false words.

Please note that this is a natural product; sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.

Learn more about Shungite on its meaning page!