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Self Healing - Friendship - Hope


I express my inner knowing with both courage and clarity. I am relaxed and calm as I express my authentic emotions.


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Aquamarine means “Water of the Seas,” beckoning those who need the power of this ever-flowing element in their lives. Infusing the calming nature of coastal seas, this crystal channels flow through you so any action is easy and intentional. It offers a drop of serenity, peace, and fluidity to anyone who has it. This soothing stone focuses energy through the throat and heart chakra, aiding in heart healing through communication. Individuals who feel emotionally disconnected, have trouble speaking their mind, or fear rejection can use Aquamarine. Especially those who are suffering from grief can begin to feel through their emotions and find peace on the other side.


Just like the healing power of the sea, Aquamarine strengthens you through close contact. Wear Aquamarine as a pendant or amulet near you to soothe stress, emotional trauma, and cooling down anger. Keep it close when you are transitioning into a new life without a loved one or getting over a relationship. The gentle energy of Aquamarine will help you move on through the healing process instead of shoving it under a rug. Each step is guided by intentional actions so that your intense emotions do not take over your life. Become the observer to your emotions so that you may understand what they are telling you with Aquamarine.


The healing abilities of Aquamarine are strongly connected to water. Large bodies of water foster a sense of presence that helps us feel through emotions without them defining our state of being. To start a healing process, begin with a water ritual. Bring Aquamarine beside a body of water; a pond, lake, river, or sea. Even if it is setting your feet in a tub, that is okay too. Hold Aquamarine close or if you can lie down safely, set it on your chest. Envision waves of water washing over your heart. Let any emotions surface while you do this. Feel the emotion and let it pass, this is how healing takes place. When you allow the grief or fear to flow through you like the currents of a sea, then you can also let them pass.


A talisman of luck and protection for sailors, a treasure to mermaids, Aquamarine radiates the coolness of open water. Like water, this stone provides cleansing energy as we move through times of transition and change. As bodies of water trust their own rhythm, Aquamarine encourages going with the flow, eliminating resistance.

Water Safety

Despite being a water element stone, we recommend not putting Aquamarine in water for extended amounts of time. It can be quickly cleansed under a wash of water to recharge. However, soaking it in a bowl or putting it in a bath may cause its composition to dissolve or break apart.