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Moss Agate

Stability - Abundance - Focus


I am at peace and allow Divine Love to enter through my heart.


Chemical Formula





Known as the Gardener’s Stone, Moss Agate connects you to nature’s humble, ever changing potential. Watch flowers grow around your heart and make you feel secure with this dark green stone. Opening the heart chakra, Moss Agate fosters a sense of freedom. It aids in letting go of the past and embracing the new, like falling leaves on trees in autumn. 

Moss Agate has a lower vibrational frequency that is attuned to the energies of earth, making it an excellent stone for anyone that feels unstable or unbalanced. It establishes a grounding nature through the root chakra. This effect fosters a sense of stability when you are trying to heal from emotional trauma. The safety of Moss Agate wraps around you like the vines of an ancient tree. 

Great for manifestation due to its ability to magnify the energy of one’s intentions as well as heighten concentration and focus. ⠀


Moss Agate can be recharged by placing it in potted plants, sun rooms, or spaces filled with natural foliage. To bring fresh energy into your home, place Moss Agate in rooms with little natural light or small spaces. Its grounding effect can dispel the cluttered or stifled energies of a tiny room. Office spaces also get a refreshing update with Moss Agate. The fluorescent lighting of most offices is draining. To offset residual fatigue or malaise, let Moss Agate live close by so that you can restore your connection with Mother Earth.


Heart chakra stones are always best with meditation. Sitting in the silence and letting your heart speak can bring insight to help you reconnect with love and life. During healing meditations, hold Moss Agate near your heart. Imagine a rich, green tree growing and holding your heart in its branches. Feel its ease, patience, and soothing nature seal the breaks in your heart. Envision any heartache as old fruits dropping from the tree. Watch as they are eaten by the earth and turn into new saplings. Let Moss Agate be the reminder that all past hurts can become new lessons and potential for a blooming future.


Moss Agate is called by that name due to its varied green patches. However it doesn’t consist of actual fossilized plant matter, but rather different minerals like Manganese and Iron. Moss Agate is formed in weathered volcanic rock, reinforcing its the symbolic nature of old wounds transforming into new strengths. It facilitates a beautiful connection to the energies of earth and our psychic relationship with it.⠀