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Ocean Jasper

Relaxation - Self Expression - Appreciation


I focus my energy on the present moment and express myself with joyfulness and love.


Chemical Formula





Similar to its vibrant layers, Ocean Jasper unites your own layers to create harmony and wholeness. Often we are overtaken by our reactions to the world. Ocean Jasper aligns the throat, heart, and solar plexus, interweaving intention with action. With intention, you find meaning behind your actions and have more control of what happens in your life. Rediscover the whybehind the what. This stone’s energy exudes a heightened sense of inner awareness to aid in recognizing your purpose in the steps you take. Make empowered choices, become passionate, and express freely with Ocean Jasper. 

Like the ocean for which it is named, this stone provides healing and purification through deep emotional trauma and upheaval. This is an excellent stone to call upon during transformative times as it brings your awareness into the present moment which is where healing takes place.


Ocean Jasper is a close contact stone that breaks down walls. Whether its emotional blockages or a sense of boredom, this stone is ready to reignite meaningful experiences for you. After its namesake, Ocean Jasper channels a fluidity of speech like the calming waters of the sea. You can carry it with you when you need to have a heart-to-heart with someone. The watery element fosters understanding and honesty through any communication. Ocean Jasper is also great for getting back into creative pursuits. It can be a reminder of why we are passionate about projects and hobbies.


Option 1: Enter into a meditative state by repeating the affirmation: I focus my energy on the present moment and express myself with joyfulness and love. As your mind begins to center into the moment, allow yourself to step into your emotions. Feel each one as it comes to you. It may be helpful to name the emotions you are feeling. Ask each one what its message is for you. Do your best to allow the feelings to ebb and flow naturally by not over-identifying with them. When you feel complete, send gratitude to your emotions, to the Ocean Jasper for its loving guidance and support, and to yourself for honoring the depth of your experience.

Option 2:Working with Ocean Jasper is all about reconnecting thoughts with actions. Like the earth needs the ocean, each one exists in a symbiotic relationship that requires one another. Sit comfortably with Ocean Jasper in hand. It is even better if you can do this near a natural body of water! When you have settled into a breathing rhythm, let any negative emotions surface. This is a purging of reactions that have no intention. When we let these emotions free, we can reestablish a foundation of intention. Set a few intentions for yourself. It can be anything from being more present, compassionate, or determined. This practice can help you decide how to react as long as it is in accordance with your intention. 


Ocean Jasper has an interesting lore and history. It was first discovered and recorded in 1922 until its location was lost. In 2000, Ocean Jasper was found again after a 45 day search along the coast of Madagascar. Its secret? The stone could only be found during low tide, which reflects its energy toward inner work and rediscovery.