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Polychrome Jasper

Action - Grounding - Strength


I trust my grounded connection to Earth is unfolding a miraculous path for me to walk.


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Also known as Desert Jasper, Polychrome Jasper resembles the reds, tans, and browns of a desert landscape. Through its earthy colors, this multi-layered stone fosters Mother Earth energy through the root chakra into the rest of the auric body. Mother Earth energy is stabilizing and grounds us in our physical form. Grounded in the body, we can better sense disturbances that need healing. Recognizing the need for healing allows Polychrome Jasper to channel stability into the heart where healing can take place. As the heart is cleared, Polychrome Jasper can also reveal to us our truest desires.


Connected stones often channel energy through close contact. As an earth stone, Polychrome Jasper uses the body to bring stability and strength through the physical form. Don’t be afraid to make close friends with this vibrant stone by keeping it in your pocket throughout the day. If you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, Polychrome Jasper will be there. Especially if you are not certain of what action you need to take, keep this stone in your purse or jacket pocket to hold on to. It can unveil your heart’s calling of what you should decide next.


The power of Polychrome Jasper lies in its connection to Earth. Like the roots of a tree, this multi-colored stone forms ties between the body, soul, and planet. The healing it fosters brings the soul down from the head and into the body. To best engage with its energy, meditate with Polychrome Jasper. Find a comfortable place outside in the grass, by a tree, or near water to introduce Mother Earth into the process. Let go of ceaseless thoughts and breath in the smells and air around you. Polychrome Jasper will reintroduce you to the supportive energy of Earth.

Fun Fact

Polychrome Jasper is a new stone to the crystal world! During exploratory digs around Madagascar in 2008, Polychrome Jasper was discovered along Ocean Jasper deposits. Two other deposits of the new Jasper stone were also found on the island. The difference between Ocean Jasper and Polychrome Jasper is its iron inclusions which form its distinct desert-like layers.