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Intuition - Courage - Focus - Expression


By connecting with my guides and higher self, I’m able to communicate my inner truth easily and effortlessly.


Chemical Formula





Considered a highly spiritual stone, Shattuckite amplifies psychic abilities, telepathy, and divine wisdom. Through the third eye and crown chakra, this dynamic blue stone allows the body to connect with metaphysical activities more clearly. Shattuckite attracts higher knowledge when you meditate or journal with it. Its essence flows through your connection with the divine realm to bring awareness to your physical reality. Insight about your impulsive reactions and emotions will be revealed as Shattuckite’s energy is engaged through practice. In the awareness of your emotions, empathy, understanding, and clarity are fostered with this multi-colored beauty. 

Shattuckite is wonderful for healing blocks and traumas so that you can step into the best version of yourself as you move toward the future. The abilities of Shattuckite don’t stop with connection to the psychic realms! Shattuckite brings forth feelings of confidence and can help you find mental strength and courage when faced with difficulties. This blue stone heals throat chakra energies, helping you speak your highest truth to those around you no matter how hard that may seem. Due to its ability to help you express yourself freely, this stone can guide you toward living a more peaceful and authentic life.


Shattuckite is a great stone for sacred spaces. Meditation rooms, altars, or crystal grids near where you channel the divine can infuse Shattuckite’s connection to higher power. Any spiritual practice will come with ease and messages will flow to you with it close by. Like most upper chakra stones, Shattuckite’s ability to channel divine energy is mighty. This means that the entire space will be touched by its vibration. Rooms that carry a heavy mental energy like studies or offices benefit from frequencies of the divine through Shattuckite’s aura. 


Automatic writing is the spiritual practice of release. This free writing technique allows you to pour out all your distracting thoughts onto paper. It makes space in your mind for receiving divine messages from guides and angels that serve your highest good. Shattuckite facilitates energy flow to the mind so that you can receive these messages more clearly and understand their meaning. Ready a notebook and pen with Shattuckite sitting in front of you. Begin writing whatever thoughts come into your head. Dump all the worries and lists of to-dos on the page. After you feel relieved, take a breath and see if any new divine downloads come in. 

Crystal Pairings

Shattuckite pairs well with Chrysocolla. Opening the throat chakra, Chrysocolla promotes easy communication from the heart. Paired together, Shattuckite and Chrysocolla foster deep connections with others through spiritual ties. For public speakers and teachers, this pairing aids in the ability to clearly communicate ideas.