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Dalmation Jasper

Luck - Joy - Balance


Something wonderful is about to happen to me.


Chemical Formula





Recognize your uniqueness with Dalmatian Jasper. It reveals to you that what makes you different is a gift the world needs. An earth element stone, Dalmatian Jasper brings energy into the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. It removes disillusionment about your life. What you might consider a failure may also reveal a strength or opportunity. Grounding your energy, Dalmatian Jasper keeps you from believing flighty, anxious thoughts. Without such darkness, this fun stone can bring a childlike joy into your life. Celebrate your strengths, heal your weaknesses, and use the gifts you were given to make the world a more joyous place!


Keep this stone on you when your self esteem is low to help dissolve barriers that keep you from opening up to adventure. Starting a new job? Dalmatian Jasper can boost your strengths and skills. It is also a great stone for difficult times. Grounding you through the root chakra, Dalmatian Jasper fosters presence in you. In this state, you can stay level-headed and make decisions based on your mind instead of emotions. Carry Dalmatian Jasper with you to see a little more magic in your everyday. Opportunities and blessings could be on the other side of this stone’s solar plexus healing!


We are always tuned in to the divine, but often we are too distracted to listen. The world is quite a noisy place and other things and people grab our attention. Unintentionally, we end up listening to the noise instead of our soul’s calling. To help come back to your own energy, Dalmatian Jasper pulls us into our presence. Sit alone with Dalmatian Jasper in hand. Imagine all of the strengths, skills, and gifts you know you have. Even the small things like staying organized, being on time, remembering to set the alarm. All of these “tiny skills” are gifts that make up the whole of you. The more you think of your gifts, the more empowered you will become.


Found in the Chihuahua region of Mexico, Dalmatian Jasper is an interesting discovery. It is made up of Albite and small amounts of Quartz with black inclusions of Arfvedsonite. It was first thought the speckled stones' spots were made of Black Tourmaline. Even Arfvedsonite is mislabeled as Nummite or Astrophyllite because of their similar colors. Quartz and Arfvedsonite have immense energetic power, which makes Dalmatian Jasper an amazing healer of the lower chakras.