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Communication - Divine Feminine - Harmony


I embody the Divine Feminine in my thoughts, words, and actions. I express my inner wisdom with confidence and creativity.


Chemical Formula





Cool, calm, and collected is Chrysocolla. This blue-green stone opens the root, heart, and throat chakras with a gentle, centered energy. With these three chakras flowing, you can ease your heart, communicate effectively, and feel present. Chrysocolla draws you back into a reflective mode; releasing unnecessary anger and agitation. Intention blooms from your reflection, giving new life to the way you interact with the world. Like a rolling wave, Chrysocolla refreshes your ability to embrace others and situations with ease and openness. 

Chrysocolla is a crystal connected to the energies of the Goddess and our planet, Gaia. Attuned to the frequency of empowerment, this stone can help usher in a new frequency on our planet.

While working with this stone, allow yourself to step back and witness destructive forces as they are. As you deepen your relationship with this crystal and yourself, you may find that you receive visions of how your energetic presence plays a vital role in the world.

Chrysocolla can be of assistance as you find your voice in speaking this truth as well as give you the courage to move forward on your spiritual path. Using this stone can help you become aware of the larger picture, the necessity for change, and offer relief from any stress the shifts are causing you.

Chrysocolla works with the Heart and Throat chakras encouraging us to speak from the knowledge of our Highest Selves giving us access to true wisdom and teaching. Its connection to Divine Feminine energies empowers men and women to blend the masculine and feminine within with power and grace.

Chrysocolla is attuned to the frequency of the inner goddess providing harmony and balance. Using this stone allows you to express your inner wisdom from a place of confidence and personal power. Holding a tranquil energy, it empowers one to accept change and remain confident in the creative process.


Wear Chrysocolla around your neck or close to the throat chakra to improve communication. As a pendant, this blue wonder is great for public speaking, presenting, and teaching. Its energy allows wisdom to flow through your words to inspire and inform others. When you need to have difficult discussions with those you love, Chrysocolla opens the heart to fuel the words you choose. Compassion and understanding will lead your communication to soften the mood.


Chrysocolla fosters an overall calming effect. It is a wonderful tool for meditation practice. Meditating by a waterfront or in a bath with Chrysocolla next to you can help channel its flow frequency even better. Hold Chrysocolla in hand and start deep breathing. Imagine its turquoise aura filling you from head to toe. Breathe the energy into your throat, heart, and root. Allow its vibrations to soothe any hardness, panic, and disturbance in these centers.


Chrysocolla's green and blue color is caused by the Copper content within the mineral, but Chrysocolla can also grow with many other types of minerals that contribute to its color! Quartz, Azurite, Malachite, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and even sometimes Shattuckite can be found within Chrysocolla.


How can I teach others from my heart?

Crystal Pairings

Clear Quartz powerfully charges Chrysocolla when paired together. As Chrysocolla dispels baggage, Clear Quartz magnifies the clarity of soul. These two work well with individuals who have lost themselves to addiction, anxiety, or mental dis-ease. Divine clarity and heart healing come together in these two stones to reconnect you with your ability to love in abundance and take steps toward intentional living.