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Dragon Blood Jasper

Courage - Joy - Chi


My mind and body are calm, I allow myself to ignite with creativity, strength and resilience.


Chemical Formula

n{Ca2(Al2Fe3+)[SiO][SiO]O(OH)} p{Ca2(Al2Mn3+)[Si2O7][SiO4]O(OH)}




Like emerald green scales and courageous wounds, Dragon Blood Jasper channels the energy of its namesake’s mythical beast. This dark green and red stone fosters both strength and courage through the heart chakra. When sacral-like energy is channeled through the heart, you may feel courageous, passionate, and unyielding in your desires. Taking action with Dragon Blood Jasper is all about following your heart. It gives you the ability to power through heartbreak and disappointment and continue on the path to your highest goals.

Dragon Blood Jasper is known as the “Stone of Courage”. It opens the heart chakra to expression, strength, and enhances Chi or life force energy. The green in the stone is Epidote and the red is Piemontite. This is a stone of happiness, optimism, and inner wisdom. It is known to lift spirits, bring joy, and enhance vitality. Dragon Blood Jasper can also help with self reflection allowing us to see ourselves clearly and build upon our true self. Myth states that this stone is formed from ancient dragon skin and dragon blood representing a dragon’s tough skin and a loving heart.

One of the most important stones to protect against negative energies. Life is lived more intensely under the influence of this adventurous stone. Encourages risk taking and change. It shows whats blocking your spiritual growth and enhances ones willpower.


Dragon Blood Jasper is a great close contact stone. It grounds you during indecision, sickness, and heartache. Hold on to it when you feel uncertain about your dreams or feel doubt about pursuing new projects. Any desire that calls you will be solidified in confident actions with Dragon Blood Jasper. Keep this deep green stone in your pocket as a reminder to manifest desires through courageous steps forward.


The dragon is depicted as the beast men must overcome to reach knighthood in fantasy stories. Dragon Blood Jasper carries this mystical lore within it; stepping into the unknown brings great rewards. Taking steps toward your desires requires courage to know what you want. Set Dragon Blood Jasper nearby when you’re writing out the final end goal. List the details of what it would feel like, who’s there, and what happens. This written manifestation ritual grounds desires into physical properties (on paper). It will bring strength to your heart for motivation and inspiration.


Dragon Blood Jasper signals strength, courage, and protection. This stone was given to warriors as a talisman before they would go to war. It was believed to heal wounds, keep up morale, and empower vitality. The fire and earth energy of a dragon was also believed to ignite the fire within man; fostering strength of body and heart to defeat any enemy.