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Rutile Quartz

Magnification - Manifestation - Intuition


Aligning with my innate intuition and grace, I fully embody the physical manifestation of my dreams.


Chemical Formula





Rutile Quartz is a high frequency stone in the crystal world. A combination of Quartz crystal and rutile needles, Rutile Quartz bridges divinity into your physical existence. Its energy opens through all seven chakras including the etheric chakra. This unique crystal stimulates overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Due to its strong vibration, Rutile Quartz activates both negative and positive energies that bring about spiritual life experiences to you. It will move you out of your comfort zone in whatever part of your life needs a divine upgrade. Rutile Quartz is recommended for days where you feel confident and strong, ready to accept any and all change to achieve spiritual growth.

Rutile Quartz magnifies intentions and affirmations. Attunes one to the frequency of graceful action. Improves psychic ability and intuition. Helps heal the energetic body in order to bring about physical manifestations.


Keep Rutile Quartz around your home near light for a boost of joy and inspiration. It will enhance any setting it inhabits by infusing clarity, motivation, and peace.


Your manifestation practice can benefit from the ultra-magnetic aura of Rutile Quartz. Whatever you think, feel, or say around this gold-threaded crystal will come back to you ten-fold. It is best to use Rutile Quartz when you are in a good mood, full of gratitude, or joyous. Sit down with Rutile Quartz in hand and speak out loud all the things you are grateful for. Embrace the joy and love you feel in this state. Rutile Quartz will return this energy to you in things you desire and strive for.

Fun Fact

While the Quartz in Rutile Quartz can be either smoky or clear, the color of the rutile inclusions will depend on their iron oxide content. When the iron oxide in rutile quartz is high, the inclusions take on redder and many times golden tones. The golden needles act as an amplifier to the crystal’s energy similar to copper.