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Blue Lace Agate

Nurturing - Expression - Balance


I gently speak my truth and release all fears around judgement.


Chemical Formula





In its white and blue layers, Blue Lace Agate wields the ever flowing energy of clear and truthful communication within the soul. This powder-blue beauty aids in releasing fears of sharing truth and emotion through language. Opening the throat chakra, Blue Lace Agate activates strength within speech. When we give a voice to our soul, we live without facades and bring in more authentic experiences. This stone is great for people who struggle with public speaking, social anxieties, and creative writing blocks. With its soft vibrations, you can feel a sense of ease in your heart to easily express yourself loud and clear.


Writers, introverts, and deep thinkers all have a friend in Blue Lace Agate. Even individuals who simply want to speak from the heart can use this baby blue stone to empower their voice. Due to its soft vibration, Blue Lace Agate is best kept close. It’s not about being blunt or loud, this stone’s power guides you to realigning your mind with your inner voice. Carry this stone with you during therapy or when repeating verbal affirmations. The more you speak honestly, the stronger you become; to face the world with your true intentions, feelings, and knowledge.


Blue Lace Agate is all about talk. Speaking out loud gets your mind aligned with what you want. The more you say positive things, the more you believe in their power. When we believe, we have the confidence, clarity, and ambition to take meaningful steps forward. Affirmations are the perfect practice to reshape your mind into following along with your soul’s vibration. Keep Blue Lace Agate in a pocket or in hand and say your affirmation out loud three times. It is best used for sayings such as, “I am expressive, I know myself, I speak the truth.”Any affirmation that coincides with verbal expression is amplified by Blue Lace Agate’s communicative energy.

Crystal Pairings

A good pair for Blue Lace Agate is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is known to build courage during difficult times. Together, these two can boost your confidence in speaking your inner truth and expressing emotion. Moving forward means being honest with yourself and these two are the perfect start to a new beginning.