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Harmony - Inner Awareness


I am balanced, centered, and connected to the bigger picture of life.


Chemical Formula





A high vibrational stone flecked with stunning blue Azurite and surrounded by a Granite composed of Quartz, Muscovite, Biotite and Feldspar. This crystal stimulates the third eye, opening us up to the divine which helps us to finally see our universal truths. This combination stone is a powerhouse - Azurite’s highly spiritual energy elevating your mind while the Granite in this crystal helps to keep you grounded and tethered to the earth. K2 additionally promotes harmony with ourselves and others by opening the throat chakra, a perfect crystal to rely on you during deep conversations.

This crystal is a relatively recent find from the base of the second highest mountain in the world, K2. However from the moment of its discovery it was easy to tell this stone was gifted to us by the earth in order to help us visualize and pursue a brighter future for us all. Those of us interested in divination or communication with beings outside of the physical plane may feel a particular draw towards the crown and third eye opening elements of K2. While those of us seeking a deep and meaningful connection with our fellow humans will appreciate its ability to open up lines of authentic communication.


The Third Eye Chakra can often be overlooked in this day and age. K2’s insightful energy of mental expansion is a perfect amplifier for high vibrational spiritual activities. This beautifully speckled crystal is like a stark white mountain dotted with vibrant blue caverns and full of the energy you need to look with certainty towards your best future. One can make excellent use of K2 during meditation or divination, or perhaps even during lucid/prophetic dreaming. In order to experience these benefits with the most potency, hold a piece of K2 to your third eye. Feel the energy of K2 both balance you towards the earth and allow you to expand your mind through the heavens above.


With a piece of K2 in hand find a space in your home where you can most comfortably rest on your back, with a pillow under your head. It’s important to find a place that has already been cleansed, and perhaps even charged with new energy by incense or sound. Feel free to bring companion crystals into this space like Indigo Gabbro, Black Tourmaline, or Clear Quartz to help heighten your meditative or trance like experience. Lay down carefully, with your K2 in your hand feel your body ground itself like it has planted roots into your bed or floor. For a moment with your eyes closed focus on the grounding energy of the Granite filled with hefty Biotite tethering your physical form for you, and when you’re ready place your K2 onto your Third Eye. Flutter your eyes shut after the K2 has been placed. Envision a vivid indigo light like a mist behind your eyes, building slowly until you visualize the opening of your third eye. All of this trapped mist will escape and a vibrant indigo light will spill out of your open third eye, allowing you to see into the other planes.