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Hematite Tumbled Pocket Stone

Pieces are intuitively chosen, characteristic requests can be made at the end of checkout.
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Medium: 1” - $3.25

Small: .5” - $1.50

You will receive 1 piece of Hematite and a meaning card with your order.


ENERGY: Hematite sets the present in your lap so there’s no need to fear the future. Opening the root chakra, this metallic stone helps ground you in the present moment. With your focus on now, you can take care of your body and clear your mind. Hematite detoxifies the mind from worry and stress. Confusion about conversations and decisions will be aided by Hematite’s practical healing. It is a reminder to step outside of the mind and experience the moment. In this presence, you can interpret life for what it is, not what might be.

Hematite is used for grounding and protection. It enhances personal magnetism and willpower while boosting one’s self-esteem. It helps overcome addictions and assists one in accepting mistakes as crucial for growth. Great for increased focus.

Please note that this is a natural product; sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.