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Amazonite Bracelet

Calming 8mm beaded Amazonite stretch bracelet. Crystal meaning card included.
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Fits wrist measurements of approximately 5.5" to 6”. Bracelet size is about 7.5”

KEY WORDS: Calming, Communication, Truth

ENERGY: Amazonite brings peace and calm to the mind and heart. This turquoise-blue stone is also known as the peacemaker, bringing a soothing energy into the space it resides. Connecting the heart and throat chakra, Amazonite facilitates ease of honest communication. The heart strengthens relationships with open emotions while the throat channels ease for speaking truth. The ability to speak from the heart calms the nerves, relieving you of uncomfortable conversations and fear. When fear is dispelled, you can live more authentically. Adventure, new experiences, and harmony spring from Amazonite’s effects. 

Due to the nature of natural items, color and pattern will vary. 

Crystal meaning descriptions have been crafted from extensive research and personal experience. Crystals are never a substitute for traditional medical care. They should always be used in a complementary manner.

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