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Garnet Tumbled Pocket Stone

Pieces are intuitively chosen, characteristic requests can be made at the end of checkout.
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Approximate size: 1”-1.5”

You will receive 1 piece of Garnet and a meaning card with your order.

KEY WORDS: Energizing, Cleansing, Courage

ENERGY: Fortitude is the key word of Garnet. When the night grows cold and the lights go out, Garnet finds a way. Channeling its energy through the root chakra, this maroon gem fosters stability, self control, and action. It provides adaptation to obstacles on the way to personal achievement. Any crisis can be faced head on with Garnet; keeping you on your foot and charging forward. Not only does it move you to make decisions, it keeps you there. Known as the strongest life force stone, Garnet sustains momentum through commitment, hope, and passion. For this, it transcends the root chakra and ignites both the sacral and solar plexus as well.

Due to the nature of natural items, color and pattern will vary.

Crystal meaning descriptions have been crafted from extensive research and personal experience. Crystals are never a substitute for traditional medical care. They should always be used in a complementary manner.

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