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Hematite & Lithium included Quartz Points

Choose the exact piece of Lithium & Hematite Included Quartz that speaks to you!
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ENERGY: Lithium and Hematite in Quartz is here to connect the bridge between the Crown, Heart, and Root Chakras. Acting as a tether to our physical being, it allows us to safely journey into our personal spirituality, acting as a guide towards your higher self. It opens our heart to what we must truly understand, and presents a clarity of mind that’s needed when exploring the spiritual unknown. Carrying this crystal will help you keep a composed and calm demeanor while deterring those with disturbing energy patterns from your presence. Allow Hematite & Lithium to walk with you confidently along your path of love and acceptance, through highs and lows.

You will receive your exact piece of Hematite and Lithium in Quartz and a Hematite meaning card with your order.

Please note that this is a natural product; sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.