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Happiness - Abundance - Creativity


I give up freely what is no longer serving me, and I release it to create space for what inspires me.


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Abundance is in the belief that it exists for you. With the aid of Citrine, vitality, curiosity, gratitude, and faith foster your ability to manifest visions. This bright stone is known as the ‘Happy Stone,’ opening the solar plexus, root, sacral and third eye chakras. Like a little sun, Citrine recharges your five senses through these chakras and brings you into their guidance. When we connect to the soul through physical experiences, we can see and feel beyond what is being presented. Citrine engages your ability to see opportunities in things that would have not caught your eye before. Inspiration and curiosity can lead you closer toward abundance in your openness to receiving the world with joyous Citrine. 

Because of its ability to remove negative energy and bring positivity, it can relieve depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings. With its pure yellow energy, Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. It opens the higher mind to accept joy in one's life, releasing anger and negative feelings, deep-seated fears and destructive tendencies. Citrine reduces the sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity and self-expression.


Any dream put into action can be brought to life with the help of Citrine. Carry this golden-yellow beauty with you to meetings for pitching ideas, applying for business loans, or signing a mortgage. Citrine fosters a positive energy much like the sun. It can balance your fear of failure with a brighter outlook. Let Citrine be the reminder in your pocket that everything you desire has already been achieved. Carry Citrine to open houses, car dealerships, or anywhere you seek to make a vision into reality.


Despite being known as a dreamy stone, Citrine is also very connected to Mother Earth. Channeling energy through the root chakra, this stone brings you back to your oneness with nature. You can feel your body and your surroundings with better awareness during a nature meditation. We recommend using Citrine during dusk or dawn to harness the sun’s vibrant energy during its peak points of setting and rising. Rest your bare feet on the ground and face toward the sun with Citrine in hand. Imagine a golden light beaming from the heavens, through you, and into the ground. Envision a yellow shell of light surrounding your body as if you were a star. Remember the same ingredients that created the abundant sun is within you. 

Natural vs Heat Treated

The majority of Citrine on the market is actually heat treated Amethyst. You can tell the difference between natural and heat-treated based on the color . Heat treated Amethyst is typically more on the orange side. This practice is very common and accepted in the industry, however clear labeling is a must!

Smoky Citrine

Smoky Citrine stimulates and purifies the will center and our powers for manifestation. Encouraging a connection to our personal power, these crystals assist with taking action with decisiveness while authentically connecting us to our worthiness of receiving abundance.

Crystal Pairings

Citrine pairs well with other lower chakra energizers. Pairing stones according to color will help certain chakras align. Red Jasper, Carnelian, Calcite, and Amber amplify Citrine’s inspiring vibration through the solar plexus and sacral. All of these paired with Citrine can empower your creativity and get you moving on personal pursuits.


Citrine is the name given to yellow and sometimes orange forms of Quartz. Whenever Citrine is brought up in conversation, it often necessitates a little extra definition in the eyes of the crystal community. Are we talking about Heated Citrine or Natural Citrine? Let’s start out our conversation with the more common member of these sibling Citrines. Heated Citrine is incredibly common in crystal markets, from a pocket stone in the gift shop to fine jewelry set in precious metals, and to a beginner it can sometimes be disheartening to hear your citrine is enhanced. Heated Citrine gets its name from the fact that they were originally other kinds of Quartz, most commonly Amethyst, that have been enhanced through the process of heating at high temperatures. This process causes the iron inclusions inside of the Amethyst to adjust in a way that usually changes its color from purple to dark orange, brown, or an extremely vibrant and cheerful yellow. This variation of Heated Citrine can be found in many different shapes, looking very much like the warm toned version of Amethyst. Such as partial geode shaped clusters that look extremely similar to their Amethyst counterparts, tumbled material like the heated Amethyst we sell, or carved into shapes like the beads on our Citrine bracelets. Based upon the current market Heated Citrine is an excellent accessible, affordable, and vividly colorful option for many crystal healing aficionados.

As for Natural Citrine, it gets the naturalnomenclature due to the fact that anything sold as Natural Citrine should gain its yellow color naturally, not from enhancement. This form of Citrine is almost always light yellow, often with brown or even green undertones. Depending on the locality, some Natural Citrine can be quite vibrantly colored, for example Citrine from Congo is very often a deeply saturated color. A Natural Citrine crystal will typically grow in a shape that more resembles its siblings Clear Quartz or Smoky Quartz. Their natural growth pattern is typically long six sided crystals terminated with six sided pyramids at the end. 

There are many resources available that explain how to tell if your Citrine is heated or natural, however oftentimes people may refer to Heated Citrine by a few different names. Some may call it Heated Amethyst, Yellow Amethyst, or even Fake Citrine. The terminology fake isn’t quite correct in most cases. There’s a large difference between being sold a crystal that you thought was one thing, and it turns out to be another. For example if a store were insisting that their Citrine is natural despite the fact that it is Heated Citrine, that would be deceptive and one should be wary of the other items sold by this particular vendor. In general, both kinds of Citrine, heated and natural, represent joy and happiness, there’s nothing fake about either of their properties! So please, enjoy your bright and happy Citrines with pride; no matter their origins.

Like its close sibling Amethyst, Citrine is an ancient crystal which was used decoratively by both the Egyptians and Greeks. Having such a long and storied history, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact date this particular gem was discovered, but it’s quite likely these original Citrines came from naturally heated Amethysts. This is based on the knowledge that these Citrines were rumored to have been found very close to Amethyst sites. However, despite the fact that these stones were very likely Citrine as we know it today, the name Citrine was only developed around the late 1300’s and didn’t quite mean what it means today. Obviously the name Citrine conjures the thought of lemons, oranges, or even limes like its latin root citrus. Back before geology and gemology were as developed and unscrupulous as they are today, any yellow or orange gemstone could go by the name Citrine. This included mainly Golden Topaz, a much more coveted gem in today’s world, which is made further confusing by the fact that some countries where both stones are mined use the names Citrine and Topaz almost interchangeably. For example Brazil calls Topaz Precious Topazand Citrine Topaz.However, this only rarely affects those of us in the U.S. due to the difference in hardness, crystal structure, and price between these two November birthstones! Citrine as the yellow member of the Quartz family rocks a hardy 7 on the Mohs scale where Topaz boasts a solid 8, and their different structure makes it incredibly simple for any gemologist to tell the difference between these sunny stones.

Citrine works its magic by helping you to release negativity, bringing optimism and joy into the life of anyone working with these little pieces of crystal sunshine! Whether you’re using this crystal to manifest more happiness, abundance, or creativity in your life, a great step to boost your connection with your Citrine is to use it with intention. Working with a crystal with intention can take many shapes, such as programming your crystal or mineral before carrying it, placing it in a grid, or wearing it. Programming can be simplified into the concept of imbuing it with a particular purpose, by visualizing your intended energy flowing from your body into the crystal host. For example, while programming a Citrine with the intention of drawing happiness towards you, think only of the goal of your happiness. You can imagine this joyful energy as a glowing golden light being transmitted from your mind directly into your Citrine crystal, and envision that light illuminating the path to a brighter future. If you’re using Citrine for abundance, a great option is to add it into a crystal grid! Either place a single piece in the center of your grid, or choose an even number of small pieces to boost your grid’s intention. If you’re thinking of using Citrine’s natural ability to get creativity flowing and help criticisms roll off your back, perhaps wearing Citrine or mindfully placing it around your home may be the best for you. Be sure to program your pieces to boost your desired intention before wearing or decorating your home as described below!

Citrine is a beautiful crystal to both keep in your collection and to wear. Citrine jewelry is fairly sturdy at a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it perfectly acceptable for daily wear as a bracelet, ring, earrings, etc. Another wonderful attribute of Citrine is like most of its Quartz siblings, it’s water safe. It’s always important to note whether the metal, leather, or string that holds together your jewelry is also water resistant. Try to keep your copper or brass jewelry dry, no matter how sturdy the crystals inside it are. Don’t sweat about your sterling silver, gold, or silver; all of these metals should be just fine in water as jewelry.  Ironically, sunny Citrine has one weakness in the world of jewelry, it's not a lightfast stone. This means that if you leave your Citrine out in the sun for long periods of time (including wear time in the sun) your Citrine may become pale or discolored. Unlike the natural or man-made heating process that boosts the yellow coloration of Citrine, UV light causes Citrine to turn cloudy or translucent. So if you’re planning a day to the beach and you feel like bringing some Citrine to spread a little joy, perhaps opt for a tumble that can be tucked away from the sun! 

In just the same way that Citrine is safe to wear on most occasions, it’s also safe to place almost anywhere in your home without much worry! Of course keeping your crystals cautiously cut off from curious cats or other cuddly companions is always best. A fall from a certain height can cause chips even to the hardest gem you have, so securing your stones is important. However the true enemy of Citrine is prolonged sun exposure, which will leave your otherwise happy Citrines looking under the weather. Be sure to take your Citrine, natural or heated, into the sun for photos only! 

With this in mind, where should you place your Citrine to mindfully boost its healing properties? Well the absolutely best room for your Citrine would be the one where you want to express yourself creatively. Place a nice piece of Citrine on your office desk, with your art supplies, or in the garage where you craft and create. This will help bring the sunshine even on a cloudy day, this joyful stone will help you transmute negative energy into positive energy wherever it finds itself. 

Citrine, as a staple crystal and one of our highly recommended beginner crystals, pairs well with many different stones. Whether you’re stacking crystal bracelets, or choosing a curated assortment of pocket stones with a particular intention in mind, Citrine can add a pop of joy to most collections. If you’re looking for a show stopping bracelet stack to bring a little extra happiness into your life, light up your world with Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Citrine paired together! This energetic, confidence boosting trio will bring out the best in each other, and also draw out the best in you too. Wearing these bracelets will help attract some positive attention from those you interact with, while sparking some extra confidence in yourself. If you’re looking to attract additional abundance: try carrying a little pouch with Green Aventurine, Pyrite, Rutilated Quartz, and Citrine in your purse, to mingle their energies with your wallet. These minerals are all veritable powerhouses of manifestation and abundance, so combining them is incredibly harmonious. In your creative spaces, try combining shapes or specimens of Citrine, Orange Calcite, and Vanadinite on your desk or nearby your workspace. These crystals combine perfectly to enhance your creative energy, help you to use it fruitfully, and be joyfully optimistic about your outcomes!