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Rainbow Moonstone

Inner Peace - New Beginnings - Calm


I have the power to create change.


Chemical Formula

K(AlSi 3 O 8 )




Rainbow Moonstone helps us with new energy, going in new directions and providing protection as we travel a new path. It promotes a healthy optimism and can sustain one through dark times. Recommended for those who suffer from stress or who carry old emotional wounds. Emanating vitality and joy, Rainbow Moonstone brings the gifts on inner peace, emotional strength, and psychic protection. A bringer of Light, this stone helps us find our own inner light and shine for all to see without shame or fear.

Rainbow Moonstone echoes its namesake by fostering freedom, flow, and calm. This opalescent stone directs energies through each of the seven chakras clearing out blocks and generating positive flow. It’s divine power cultivates a sense of awareness that can reveal hidden insights and wisdom from the soul. Being in a state of soul connection allows you to reconnect to your intentions and start anew. Rainbow Moonstone transcends the past, bringing you into the newness of the present and all its potential. This stone truly is the whole package by soothing, cleansing, and enlightening your being for a fresh start.


Rainbow Moonstone is a close contact stone. It enhances your ability to simply let go instead of analyzing everything. During transitional times such as moving, break-ups, or job changes, keep Rainbow Moonstone on your person. It will feel cozy in your pocket as your aura heals itself of residual stress and anxiety. Keep this colorful stone close so that you can hold it when you need a reminder of presence and calm. Look into its opalescent vibrance, seeing the beauty of the world on its surface. This beauty can symbolize the potential for good in your life, too.


Restore your connection with life force energy via Rainbow Moonstone. This stone channels the cleansing element of water and connects to Cancer and Scorpio, both water signs. Through water, you can manifest Rainbow Moonstone’s power. If you have a tub, fill it with water and surround it with white or blue lit candles. Please be aware of the surface you set your candles on! Sprinkle eucalyptus, sage, or chamomile essential oil into the bath. Use any earthy smelling soaps or bubbles to reconnect with nature. Set Rainbow Moonstone next to you on a dry ledge to create a bond with it. If you don’t have a tub, going outside and setting your feet in a river, lake, or ocean while holding Rainbow Moonstone can have the same effect.

Did you know?

Rainbow Moonstone may have a fantastic look of its own, but it's of a familiar crystal family! This flashy variety is actually White Labradorite stone. The name was coined by the mineral communities to describe it from the rest of the many Labradorite varieties. Even the name, moonstone, is taken from another stone family known as Orthoclase.


Rainbow Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family, more specifically it’s a plagioclase feldspar, and it’s also considered to be the white variety of Labradorite. Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone share the characteristic of Labradorescence, which is a very particular play of light off the surface of these crystals. Ironically, these flashes are predominantly blue when they manifest in Rainbow Moonstone, where Labradorite commonly has a wider variety of colorful flashes. Being a part of the feldspar family means that Rainbow Moonstone is actually closely related to traditional Moonstone in its many varieties, which is also a member of the feldspar family. Most Moonstone has a play of light known as adularescence, which is a reflection of light on the surface of the stone that can be either blue or white. Another member of the feldspar family is Sunstone, much like its relatives it also has a play of light called aventurescence. This effect resembles golden or rainbow flecks of glitter under the surface of these crystals. Sunstone can often grow very closely together with Moonstone varieties such as Peach Moonstone or Black Moonstone, creating a combination Sunstone Moonstone that has both the notable adularescence of Moonstone and the aventurescence of Sunstone. Even with such a flashy family, Rainbow Moonstone stands out with its stark white color and unique flash patterns that make it distinctly separate from both Labradorite and Moonstone.

There’s some debate on whether or not Rainbow Moonstone is misnomered when it comes to calling it Moonstone. A lot of the discussion circles around the fact that it’s considered technically to be a form of White Labradorite. Due to the fact that their characteristic flashes look so similar, this could be why some crystal lovers believe it should be called White Labradorite as its trade name. However, on the other hand, its predominantly blue flash and the fact that there is a rich association with Rainbow Moonstone meaning things similar to Moonstone make this more of a blurry line than a black and white issue. Those with a background in crystal healing may lean more towards giving this stone the distinctive Rainbow Moonstone moniker due to these similarities.  Other forms of Moonstone are known to be very energetically similar to Rainbow Moonstone; most any stone with the Moonstone name will have deep ties to inner growth, the divine feminine, and healing from stress. Along with the fact that clearly the name is at least visually appropriate. The gorgeous glittering white color of Rainbow Moonstone is reminiscent of the moon, and most of the colors of the rainbow can be seen trapped inside of its surface. All in all, this is more of a matter of personal opinion than concrete fact, and we should all be confident in the fact that this is an incredible crystal no matter whether it’s called White Labradorite or Rainbow Moonstone!

Most crystal collectors know how Rainbow Moonstone typically flashes in a variety of hues. Even within its most common color flashes, there’s a wide range of different shades of blue from light sky blue to deep ocean blue that can be present! Much more uncommon color flashes include a whole rainbow of other colors: yellow, orange, green, pink and purple. Rainbow Moonstone typically has geometric shapes inside of its flash, and often these rarer colors will just appear as stripes within a mostly blue pattern. When Rainbow Moonstone is of gemstone quality, it will be almost entirely clear instead of white and typically has a full flash of blue in the correct lighting. Finding a flash that’s mostly a rare color like orange in Rainbow Moonstone can be much more difficult than finding even the rarest colors of Labradorite! Many collectors may prize these different colors, however the color of a Rainbow Moonstones flash often has little to do with its quality as a gemstone. Finding these rarer colors is almost always a game of chance, so taking a closer look at the Rainbow Moonstone in your collection might give a brand new perspective on some of its finer attributes.

Rainbow Moonstone has an incredible set of healing properties. Because this gorgeous stone’s energy is tied closely to the energy of the moon plus the symbolism of its characteristic flash, it’s clear to see how Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that seeks to guide us upon our life’s journey. Like the full moon guides a traveler along a midnight path, using Rainbow Moonstone in your practice will help you feel at peace while taking steps towards living a more fulfilling life. This stone connects with your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra, enhancing your wisdom and connection to the spiritual aspects of life, so it’s especially helpful for those starting a new chapter in their spiritual journey. Rainbow Moonstone’s peaceful and uplifting vibration is perfect for those who struggle with anxiety over trying new things, as it’s a perfect stone to increase optimism! Like a rainbow after a severe storm, basking in the iridescent energy of Rainbow Moonstone assists us with finding the bright side even in dark situations. 

There are many ways to take advantage of Rainbow Moonstone’s energetic properties. The perfect way to start is by first asking yourself which aspect of Rainbow Moonstone’s properties would you benefit most from? Are you in need of a calming hand in your life, to aid you in seeing the positive aspects of life even in tough situations? Perhaps you’re starting out on a new adventure and you want a graceful helping hand! Do you want to delve deeper into your spirituality, and you’re searching for your divine feminine? Of course if you want your Rainbow Moonstone to assist you in more than one of these areas, you can simply express each of them during your programing meditation or journaling! An excellent way to program your crystal is to meditate, or journal, with any of your Rainbow Moonstones. From a humble tumbled pocket stone to a statement-sized piece; as long as you can find a comfortable position with your Rainbow Moonstone it’s possible to meditate with it! Visualize your brighter future, or write about it in your journal of choice. Look forward with an optimistic eye, feel the support you gain through the calming light of your Rainbow Moonstone and its illuminating energy. Use your meditation time as an opportunity to think more deeply about yourself, allow your Rainbow Moonstone to pull your thoughts to a higher realm like the moon pulling the tides. Writing down your realizations and epiphanies you’ve had during these experiences will help you understand both yourself and your crystal better.

Rainbow Moonstone is a relatively hard stone, at around a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it can be very comfortably worn as jewelry. Wearing a bracelet with beads of Rainbow Moonstone is an excellent way to keep its energy in contact with your skin, and can be a convenient way to carry it with you. If jewelry isn’t quite your speed, and you have pockets to spare, keeping a Rainbow Moonstone tumble with you might be the way to go. Pocket stones can be a convenient way to not only carry your healing crystal collection with you all day, but also combine certain crystals energies to help boost your desired effect. If you’re looking to boost Rainbow Moonstone’s calming energies to promote your inner peace, pair it with a stone like Blue Chalcedony or Selenite. If you’re looking to boost your connection with the spiritual realm, Indigo Gabbro or Labradorite will compliment your Rainbow Moonstone perfectly. If you’re looking to harness your divine feminine with your Rainbow Moonstone, keep it with a Chrysocolla or Flower Agate and that energy will be certain to shine through into you. Though keeping these stones in a sachet or loose is a matter of personal preference, a sachet or cloth bag is a great way to put intention into your crystal pairings. Adding matching herbs (i.e. Lavender in a calming sachet) is also a lovely way to build upon your intention.

Rainbow Moonstone is a very convenient crystal as it is both water and sunlight safe, so it can be placed in areas with a lot of moisture or in direct sunlight. As a highly spiritual and psychic enhancing crystal, placing Rainbow Moonstones around your sacred space will boost your spiritual intuition. Having Rainbow Moonstone near your altar will assist with keeping your eyes open to spiritual opportunities that may have otherwise arrived unnoticed. In the bathroom it’s a wonderful idea to keep a peaceful and calming crystal collection by your mirror or near the tub. Pairing Rainbow Moonstone with Rose Quartz by the mirror in your bathroom can offer a soothing energy full of self love and will help support those of us healing from negative self image issues. Having a Rainbow Moonstone by your bedside can help those who are looking to have prophetic dreams through the elucidating effects it can have. Phosphosiderite and Prehnite are a few crystal companions that will pair perfectly with your Rainbow Moonstone to intensify your spiritual vision in dreams.