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Nature - Wisdom - Energetic Flow


I can see my life's purpose by connecting to nature and releasing any limiting beliefs.


Chemical Formula

(Mg,Fe,Ni,Al,Zn,Mn)₂₋₃ (Si,Al,Fe)₂O₅(OH)₄




Mother Earth’s ancestral healing lives within Serpentine. This green stone carries our planet’s wisdom and transformation in its form. Known as the healer’s stone, connecting to Serpentine allows you to accept change and heal from the past. Much like nature, you will transform and understand each transition as a path to growth. This stone is a fantastic companion for those who wish to raise their consciousness to aid in the world’s energetic shifts. It can also move energy through all seven chakras. This effect makes space for you to let in more love, understanding, and compassion for your healing journey.

One of the most important stones to protect against negative energies. Life is lived more intensely under the influence of this adventurous stone. Encourages risk taking and change. It shows whats blocking your spiritual growth and enhances ones willpower.


With its energetic bonds to the earth, this green gem can refresh a stuffy room or brighten up a plain space with its rich color. Serpentine is a great stone for winter to reconnect to nature’s beauty. It can serve as a reminder to stay positive while the world seems cold and dark. Place a Serpentine bedside to heal your overall energetic body overnight or use during times of illness. Serpentine can be placed in plant pots to boost the cleansing effect of your leafy friends as well!


Serpentine is all about embracing nature’s wisdom. The way the trees retreat and then come back in spring shows us how change can help us grow. The flowers remind us to always look for the positive in our everyday life. No matter the lesson, nature is there living it. Bring Serpentine into your daily nature practice. Carry this green stone in your pocket during a walk outside. Focus on all the sounds and colors nature illustrates. Hear the whisper in the rustling leaves. As your mind strays from its incessant chatter, it may hear the wisdom in the wind it has been searching for. Looking for signs in nature takes practice, so be sure to keep Serpentine close during every outing.

Kundalini Energy

Serpentine’s name comes from the Latin word “serpens,” meaning serpent or snake. The mineral was given this name in 1564 for the similar color and stripes of various species of snake. Surprisingly, Serpentine awakens the serpent-like vibration at the base of our spine. This energy is always dormant unless released by the Kundalini effect during tantric yoga practice. Using Serpentine for deep meditation can align your body and soul so that you are more in-tune with intuition and dreaming.