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Awakening The Crystals

The Ancient Art and Modern Magic of Gems and Stones. Crystals for everyday life and your guide to health, wealth, and balance.
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A gorgeously illustrated guide to stimulating creativity, inviting in love, achieving your goals, and improving your life with crystals.

Whether you would like to take back control in an uncertain world, encourage harmony in the home, or invite in prosperity,Awakening the Crystalswill help transform your life. Learn how to:

   choose stones for protection at home and on the road
 calm your nerves and boost your energy
 foster positive interactions with family
 attract love and enhance intimacy
 achieve health goals
 welcome good luck, growth, and success
 meditate and manifest results with the assistance of crystals
Whether it’s rose quartz for love or a tiger’s eye for protection, Salem-based intuitives Sandra Wright and Leanne Marrama show you how to put the power of these simple, ancient tools to work in your daily life, to improve your relationships, achieve success, increase health, honor those who have passed, promote self-love and -care, and make magic happen—from the bedroom to the office and everywhere in between. Beautiful watercolor illustrations demonstrate how to choose, connect with, charge, cleanse, and arrange crystals throughout your home.

5.50 "W x 7.47 "H x 0.55 "D

224 pages

Authors: Sandra Mariah Wright, Leanne Marrama

Sandra Mariah Wright is the High Priestess of Elphame Coven in Salem, Massachusetts. She owns a jewelry and occult supply company (Gallows Hill Witchery) as well as an annual psychic fair (Spirit Beacon Psychic Fair and Mystical Marketplace), and hosts The Psychic Tea radio
show monthly with her co-author. She has appeared on the Travel Channel, Showtime, and The Real Housewives of New York City.
Leanne Marrama is a full-time psychic medium at the shop she co-owns: Pentagram Shoppe in Salem, Massachusetts. She teaches classes and presents at festivals around the country. Among her many media appearances, she has been featured on TLC's What Not to WearGhost Chronicles, and Beyond Belief with George Noory.