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Black Onyx Sterling Silver Ring - 343

Adjustable Sterling Silver Oval Black Onyx ring. Crystal meaning card included in order.
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You will receive the exact ring shown in the photo.

Approximate dimensions: .75" x 1"

KEY WORDS: Strength, Confidence

ENERGY: Black Onyx encompasses the masculine divine; strength, confidence, and protection. Its unique vibration helps energy flow through the third eye, solar plexus, and root chakras. This unusual combination pushes you forward, keeps you focused, and ready for any obstacles. You can take steady steps toward your goals with Black Onyx. Simultaneously, this dark stone protects you from imbalance with an open third eye. This effect fosters wisdom; allowing you to make measured, meaningful decisions before moving forward. 

Black Onyx also provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances or during times of tremendous mental or physical stress. It helps with lesson learning, self confidence and keeping you at ease in your surroundings.