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CLEANSE and MANIFEST KIT - Bundle - 4 Pack - Sage Bundles

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Our Cleanse + Manifest kit is a perfect starter kit or gift! I N C L U D E S : Lavender Palo Santo ( HOLY WOOD): Palo Santo smoke will cleanse your space and allow for new opportunities to manifest. Mini Cedar Bundle: Cedar is a powerful tool to clear any negative energy, purify any space & offer protection. Mini Blue Sage Bundle: Blue sage brings health, prosperity and healing while cleansing negative energy surrounding you. Mini Yerba Santa Bundle: Aids in setting boundaries but also has been used for love, purification, growth and empowerment. Details: -Sustainably harvested -Approximately 4" -4 bundles included -comes packaged in a small box ready to be merchandised in your shop! Please note this may include a star or moon decor at front label -Includes a "BURN CARD" with instructions on "How to Cleanse Your Space"