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Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch Oracle Deck

Each card is infused with many layers, each has its own perfect valid place within the deck. Some of the cards will have structured ideas for ways to work with them, that the crystal or plant has communicated to Katie-Jane. Sometimes simply the colors will speak to you: the key is to let your heart guide you and be free with it, releasing all expectations.
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Harness the power of green witchcraft and divination with this combination guidebook and fully illustrated forty-card oracle deck of herbs, florals, and more.

Tea magic has been used for centuries to uncover hidden truths. Now, with the 
Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch Oracle Deck, you will find solutions for everything from a broken heart to aligning with your highest self. Want to know which herbs will bring you good luck or enhance your mood? This oracle deck will show you just that with detailed descriptions on the significance of the herb in the companion booklet.

This oracle deck and companion guide contains forty different herbs, each with their own metaphysical meaning that you can use to divine the future, reflect on the past, or even interpret the present. Perfect for beginners or more advanced witches, there are endless ways to use this deck either as a traditional oracle deck or more free-form by asking a question, drawing a few cards, and creating your own spellbinding brew to help guide you to the answers you seek.

Discover the metaphysical meanings of:
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • And much more!

The Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch Oracle Deck includes forty matte cards and a companion guide.