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Gold Labradorite Necklace

Protective Labradorite gold necklace. Crystal meaning card included. Color requests welcome at checkout!
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Gold plated copper necklace on an 17" chain.

KEY WORDS: Protection, Adventure, Balance

ENERGY: Labradorite encourages you to engage life authentically through personal power. As a seven chakra stone, this dark opalescent beauty releases negative energy through each center. When every chakra is connected through energetic healing, you release burdens that are not yours and anything that distracts you from self belief. Labradorite fosters a relationship with the self by bringing you out of your weaknesses and into your strengths. This is where the magic lies, Labradorite reveals to you your inner power to engage life how you wish. Take intentional action, believe in your worth, and lead an authentic existence with this magical stone.

Due to the nature of natural items, color and pattern will vary. 

Because of the nature of this stone, some pendants may have surface scratches or natural imperfections.

Crystal meaning descriptions have been crafted from extensive research and personal experience. Crystals are never a substitute for traditional medical care. They should always be used in a complementary manner.

Learn more about Labradorite on its meaning page!