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Kammererite Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring - 214

Adjustable Sterling Silver organic triangle Kammererite ring. Meaning card included in order.
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Approximate dimensions: .85" x 1.1"


ENERGY: Spiritual empowerment resides within Kammererite. This rich, royal purple crystal brings you out of the heaviness of your physical form. It can feel so burdensome to live in the human body; all of the aches, pains, emotional weight, and strain we endure. Kammererite reminds us that we are the soul behind the body and relieves us of that weight. Through the crown, third eye, and throat chakras, Kammererite empowers the mind to transcend physical illness and exhaustion. We are more than our form and this magical purple beauty heightens the senses to clear out wasted energy that drags us down. A common theme of pulling too much weight is burnout. Kammererite helps you let go of the burden and revitalizes your zest for life. Keeps you from driving yourself into the ground, but not procrastinating on your responsibilities.

Kammererite is a wonderful stone for the mental and spiritual body. Its vibrations help to balance the brain and bring about mental clarity. It is very useful in meditation practices as it helps ground the physical body as well as help to open the third eye and crown chakras - aiding in connection to ones guides or Higher Self.