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Lemon Chrysoprase Sterling Silver Ring - 029

Adjustable Sterling Silver Oval Lemon Chrysoprase ring. Crystal meaning card included in order.
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You will receive the exact ring shown in the photo.

Approximate dimensions: 0.6" x 1"

Keywords | Growth, Compassion, Nature

Chrysoprase is the green light for motivations of the heart. This sea-green stone channels energy into the heart and through the solar plexus chakra. Activating the heart, Chrysoprase realigns you with your true self hidden away. It also connects you to your compassionate side for yourself and others. Chrysoprase moves you to get inspired by love and take action from that state. The solar plexus will guide you to embrace other’s love languages, give time to help, and put effort into taking care of your wellbeing. In all, this stone aids in your ability to give, share, and attract love through your own heart.