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Pink Scolecite Sterling Silver Ring - 117

Adjustable Sterling Silver teardrop Pink Scolecite ring. Crystal meaning card included in order.
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You will receive the exact ring shown in the photo.

Approximate dimensions: 0.75" x 1"

KEY WORDS: Inner Peace, Awareness

Pink Scolecite resembles sunrays coming through billowy, white clouds. Its peach crystal hues cut through thick white stone. Pink Scolecite’s power echoes this physical nature; the divine finding its way to your mind. A mix of Scolecite and Stilbite, this unique stone brings spiritual connection to the third eye, crown, and heart chakras. Truth, wisdom, and ancient knowledge dispel your fearful ego to give you clarity and calm. Through the heart, Pink Scolecite expands love and acceptance of what we cannot see (spiritual elements). Pink Scolecite softens your fear of the future and reminds you that the heart can guide you to peace, awareness, and knowledge locked out by the scrutinizing mind.