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Pyrite Sterling Silver Ring - 160

Adjustable Sterling Silver Long Oval Pyrite ring. Crystal meaning card included in order.
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You will receive the exact ring shown in the photo.

Approximate dimensions: .9" x .6"

KEY WORDS: Energy, Willpower, Self Worth

ENERGY: Also known as Fool’s Gold, Pyrite channels energy around wealth, prosperity, and abundance. A solar plexus activator, this shimmery mineral improves inner will power, determination, and manifestation ability. The solar plexus is in the center of the body, channeling the heart and mind’s ideas into physical action through the root. Goals and achievements you dream of can become a reality when using Pyrite. Its metallic exterior acts as a reminder that abundance and prosperity are always in reach as long as you believe it is. Pyrite also works to direct your focus and help you persevere through hard work. By boosting your willpower and motivation you are sure to finish tasks that have been hanging around for a while.

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