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Red Hemimorphite / Calcite Specimens

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Locality: Mexico


ENERGY: The light and airy energy of Hemimorphite is a great crystal to activate the upper chakras, uplift our energy, and help us communicate how we truly feel. It brings a sense of vitality, joy, + positivity to our lives, and gives us the confidence to tackle anything! It’s uplifting vibration makes it great to carry around if you’re having a hard day emotionally, or if you want to move past any outdated hardships, trauma, or grief. Connecting us to the higher realm + our spirit guides, this crystal helps us decipher signs, synchronicities, and messages from the Universe!

Bridging the gap between the root and the crown chakra, this scarlet crystal helps readily bring our thoughts into reality! Making us feel like anything is possible, this crystal acts as protection against pessimistic energy, and gives us the strength we need in difficult times. Allowing us to feel more connected to our physical body, Red Calcite merges our intuition + spiritual self with who we are on the Earthly plane. Even our wildest dreams will seem in-reach with Red Calcite guiding us along the way. This crystal opens our eyes to the beauty around us, and brings us a sense of wonder to what’s actually possible for ourselves. The sky is the limit with Red Calcite in-hand! This incredibly healing stone reminds us that our hard work + dedication can ultimately get us anywhere we want to go.

Due to the nature of natural items, color and pattern will vary. See photos for example of range.

Please note that this is a natural product; sometimes crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.