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Crystals for your Zodiac Sign

Crystals for Your Zodiac

The Best Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign

Are you curious about the cosmic connection between astrology and crystals? Imagine this: a clear night sky, filled with twinkling stars, each one holding a story. Now, think about how those stories intertwine with the captivating magic of crystals.

Welcome to our cosmic adventure! Here, we're exploring how the energy of your zodiac sign and the power of crystals can intertwine to bring clarity and guidance into your life. So, whether you're an Aries with a fiery spirit or a gentle Pisces seeking peace, let's begin on our journey! Together, we'll uncover the hidden wisdom that lies within the stars and stones, and discover how they can enrich our everyday lives.

Our approach when crafting our zodiac crystal sets deviates from traditional birthstone associations. Instead, two crystals were selected to embody the essence of the sign and two crystals to provide assistance or support based on common struggles that sign may have. Please keep in mind that while the zodiac descriptions below highlight stereotypical traits, each of us is a complex individual with a unique birth chart that impacts our personality. It’s important to remember that your own personal truth is the only one that matters.

If you dislike any of the selected crystals in your set, I encourage you to keep an open mind, crystals can resonate with anyone and everyone, one crystal does not belong to any one zodiac sign. There are many other stones that can benefit each sign other than just the 4 that were selected, these are simply our interpretations based on years of working with crystals. Embrace this journey of discovery, and may you find enlightenment and joy in exploring the cosmic wisdom of crystals!

Aries: Embrace Your Fiery Spirit

As the first sign of the Zodiac as well as a cardinal sign, Aries are initiators and go-getters. They create their own reality with fire, passion, and enthusiasm. They are headstrong, competitive, and very blunt with their communication. Their biggest struggle is slowing down and taking the time to listen to others or accept alternative viewpoints. Despite this, Aries are very powerful signs that can make anything they want to happen in their life and are all around very successful. Carnelian, Pyrite, Howlite, and Amazonite are excellent companions for Aries, amplifying their energy and encouraging them to communicate with clarity and compassion.

Carnelian: Carnelian matches Aries in all ways energetically. Carnelian is all about passion, motivation, and energy. It fuels our ambitions and allows us to remain focused on our goals. Aries will feel at peace holding or wearing carnelian for it is full of glowing happiness and revitalizes one’s physical body.

Pyrite: Pyrite encourages and supports bold assertiveness and will protect anyone that is speaking out for something or someone. Pyrite will strengthen and inspire Aries passions - whatever they may be. Pyrite will help Aries keep their cool whenever they may be challenged or threatened by another authority figure. Pyrite is also a great protective stone for anyone at risk of physical harm or partaking in dangerous activities.

Howlite: Howlite is a beautifully calming and grounding stone that stimulates the mind as well as the crown chakra. It will help Aries’ lack of patience and temper and will encourage them to be gentle with themselves and to ride the wave of life. Howlite eliminates rage and will help facilitate Aries to communicate in a calm manner and to express their true emotions.

Amazonite: Amazonite is an excellent stone for communication, especially when fueled by anger or aggression. It will assist with irritability and mood swings and encourage one to act and speak from the heart. It will fill Aries with hope and optimism and allow them to see others viewpoints without judgment.

Aries Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Start by carrying a piece of Carnelian with you throughout the day to harness its passion and motivation. Incorporate Pyrite into your workspace or wear it as jewelry to boost assertiveness. Meditate with Howlite to calm your mind and promote patience.

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Taurus: Grounded in Abundance

Taurus love the material world and physical pleasures. They love to surround themselves with beautiful things and they always strive for absolute comfort. Taurus are hardworking and dedicated individuals, they are reliable and practical. Their biggest struggle is being flexible - they can be incredibly stubborn in their beliefs as well as the way they do things, but this just adds to their dedication, reliability, and loyalty. Grounding stones like Black Tourmaline and Jade, coupled with the nurturing energy of Rhodonite and Ocean Jasper, support Taurus in finding balance and stability amidst life's changes.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly grounding and protective stone. It gives one a sense of personal power and confidence. Black Tourmaline will take negative energy and transmute it into something useable or positive. This is one of the best protective stones for Taurus specifically because of its ability to connect the spirit of the soul to the spirit of the Earth.



A stone of abundance, good luck, and protection. Jade will support a flow of money into one’s life; this is great for Taurus because they love to spend money as they love material things, beauty, and self care. Jade will also assist with any negative self talk Taurus may experience. Jade helps with perspective, which is good for Taurus as they reflect so they don't get stuck in a particular way of thinking.


Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus loves love. From giving to receiving love, Rhodonite will encourage Taurus to love selflessly and generously, without jealously. It activates healing within the heart and will also assist with self love.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper creates a feeling of peace and tranquility within us, it relieves stress and anxiety associated with change in life. Since change and new things can be hard for Taurus, Ocean Jasper is a perfect stone because it helps them go with the flow, accept, and acknowledge the ebbs and flows of life. It encourages patience with others and allows one to move forward in life with ease.

Taurus Zodiac Crystas
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Create a crystal grid using Black Tourmaline, Jade, Rhodonite, and Ocean Jasper to establish a harmonious and grounded energy in your home or workspace. Hold each crystal individually and set intentions for stability, abundance, and emotional balance.

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Gemini: Intellectual Explorers

Gemini are incredibly intellectual beings - they love to think deeply, talk to others, and learn new things. They can be very hot and cold individuals, jumping back and forth between being friendly, playful, and expressive, to withdrawn, contemplative, and serious. They can get bored and restless very easily as well as being indecisive, but overall they are a fun and optimistic sign that makes a wonderful friend. Serpentine, Dumortierite, Tigers Eye, and Aquamarine stimulate their minds and assist in maintaining focus, creativity, and effective communication.


Serpentine is grounding, balancing, and detoxifying. Both physically grounding and psychically awakening, this stone is excellent for keeping Gemini grounded to Earth while still stimulating their curious wondering minds. Serpentine is also helpful for one to stay on the path for the greater good because of its ability to help one see the bigger picture and their ties to it.


Dumortierite is a high vibrational stone that is incredibly stimulating to the mind. It assists with retaining new information, strengthening memory, as well as helping one to connect to higher levels of information; making it an excellent stone for Gemini, as they love being intellectually stimulated. Dumortierite also ensues feelings of calm and brings order to chaos within oneself and their surroundings. Dumortierite assists with self-discipline, helpful for bringing Gemini’s ideas and passions to life. This is helpful for Gemini’s tendency to struggle with focusing on or developing one specific interest or hobby (as they have many).

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a great stone for quick thinking and taking action. It can help prevent one from engaging in unhealthy lifestyle habits like excessive smoking, drinking, or consuming unhealthy foods, which is something Gemini may struggle with as they love to have fun, be social, and indulge in life to the fullest. Tigers Eye also inspires one to take action with their creativity, which is great for Gemini, because they are naturally creative and talented individuals.


A stone of friendship, Aquamarine is associated with throat chakra of communication. Aquamarine encourages one to think before they speak. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, they are master communicators, often quick thinkers, Aquamarine is beneficial for Gemini to work with to encourage speaking from the heart.

Gemini Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Carry Serpentine with you during your intellectual pursuits to stay grounded and focused. Place Dumortierite on your desk to enhance memory and mental clarity. Wear Tigers Eye jewelry to boost confidence and creativity in your communication.

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Cancer: Nurturing Emotional Depths

Ruled by the moon and being a water sign, Cancers are very emotional and sensitive individuals and as a result tend to be very guarded of their energies and true selves. Comfort, security, and family are very important to them. One of Cancer’s biggest struggles is developing coping mechanisms for their emotions, they tend to feel misunderstood and moody. They are incredibly intuitive, empathetic, and loyal to anyone close to them in their life. Moonstone, Selenite, Blue Lace Agate, and Botswana Agate provide comfort and support, helping Cancers navigate their emotions with grace and strength.


Moonstone is an excellent stone for Cancer because of its energetic connection to the moon. Cancer is very much impacted by the ever-changing energies of the moon. Moonstone is good for stabilizing one’s emotions and soothing emotional reactions to things around them. Moonstone is a very balancing, nurturing, and healing stone. It can assist one with harnessing their emotions in healthy ways.


Like Moonstone, Selenite also carries energies of the moon. It has a beautiful, radiant healing light that emits outwards anywhere it is placed. It instills a deep sense of profound peace and calmness and will help one to gain clarity and awareness on anything or anyone in their life. It’s helpful for Cancer because of its ability to assist one to see the true inner workings of any situation - allowing feelings of confusion, jealousy, or inadequacy to fall away.

Blue Lace Agate

Being a blue stone and connected to the Throat Chakra, Blue Lace Agate is a stone of communication. It is helpful for anyone who has issues speaking up for themselves and helps one to feel more confident with expression and not getting upset when doing so. Cancers tend to avoid conflict and confrontation, so Blue Lace Agate will assist them in speaking their truth, especially when repression of their true emotions can deeply impact them. It is a gentle and encouraging stone and is one of the more compatible communication stones for Cancer specifically.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is a very protective stone and protects Cancer's very open and vulnerable auric field from unfamiliar energies. It’s protective energies also promotes a feeling of security and inner stability, which is something Cancer values deeply. It prevents one from dwelling on issues or situations and to focus more-so on finding solutions, this is beneficial to Cancer because they tend to jump straight to self-pity, victimization, and blame. It helps to eliminate destructive thought patterns and obsessive thoughts and instead promotes confidence.

Cancer Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS:Create a soothing bath ritual by placing Moonstone and Selenite crystals around your bathtub. Hold Blue Lace Agate during meditation to release emotional tension. Keep a piece of Botswana Agate in your pocket for emotional protection throughout the day.

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Leo: Radiant Leaders

Ruled by the sun, Leo’s are people that do not go unknown or hide in the shadows. They are confident, dramatic, passionate, and cheerful. Leo’s are natural born leaders as well as excellent hype people. They strive to lead and unite people around them and aim to make everyone feel as good about themselves as they do about their own selves. Amethyst, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, and Rose Quartz enhance their self-confidence, creativity, and ability to lead with compassion and charisma.


Amethyst is an excellent healing stone, it is very grounding and soothing and helps with stress and anxiety. Amethyst will help Leo feel confident and motivated while they move through life, but it will also help them to slow down and tune into their intuition.


Like its name, Sunstone holds a beautiful joyous warmth that fills one with a zest for life as it promotes enthusiasm and pure joy. Leo’s hold a similar energy to this as they are ruled by the sun, making Sunstone a wonderful stone to balance them and bring them back to their true selves. Sunstone attracts prosperity, luck, and fame - something any Leo would happily welcome into their lives as they love attention. Sunstone is a stone of personal power and leadership, it assists leaders with being of ultimate service to others and focusing on the greatest good for all.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye matches Leo’s bold energetic action. It’s a great stone for any leader, making it a very helpful stone to Leo. It’s great for quick thinking and problem solving objectively as well as sharpening one’s vision. It will help one to find common ground among groups that may have opposing viewpoints or ideas.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of self love and compassion, it allows one to feel contentment deep within in order to be able to extend it to others. Rose Quartz is good for Leo because it strengthens their empathy and thus strengthens their leadership abilities. The self love energy of Rose Quartz plays perfectly into Leo’s enjoyment of hyping themselves and others up.

Leo Zodiac Sign Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Place Amethyst under your pillow for restful sleep and intuitive dreams. Carry Sunstone with you to radiate joy and positivity. Meditate with Rose Quartz to cultivate self-love and compassion.

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Virgo: Practical Perfectionists

Virgos are incredibly reliable, practical, and careful individuals. Everything they do is done with absolute precision and in the most efficient way. They love the finer things in life and hold themselves and others to high standards and can get disappointed easily when these standards are not met. Virgos are always willing to help others get things done or achieve their goals. Virgos can sometimes reject their emotions and forget to have fun with life. Despite this, they love trying and learning new things and are inspired by the beauty in nature. Chrysocolla, Smoky Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, and Amazonite encourage them to embrace their analytical minds while finding joy in the journey.


Resonating with the heart as well as the throat chakras, Chrysocolla encourages a gentle form of expression and interaction, especially for teachers. It allows one to connect to their inner truth and express it to others in a way that benefits both the student and the teacher. This is a good stone for Virgo because of it’s ability to allow one to be more gentle, patient, and receptive to emotions of others. Virgo is an excellent teacher and loves to help people but may struggle with connecting to the emotions of others due to their more practical and analytical mindset.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is an incredibly grounding stone, and with the magnification it has from Quartz, it helps to cleanse and charge the physical body. Smoky Quartz is a great stone for Virgo as it will help them stay grounded and focused on their goals and tasks. Smoky Quartz helps uplift anyone in a bad mood and can assist with releasing resentment or unexpressed/suppressed conflict with others. This is particularly helpful for Virgo because of the high standards they hold for themselves and others, they may tend to hold onto that and let it affect them internally.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper brings a fun, childlike energy to anyone that works with it. Dalmatian Jasper helps one go with the flow in life and feel more optimistic and less serious. This is a good stone for Virgo because it will help them release stress they may experience when working on projects or plans and to just enjoy the process. Another reason this stone is good for Virgo is because Dalmatian Jasper helps one translate detailed planning into enthusiastic action.


A beautiful stone for communicating from the heart. Amazonite will help balance mood swings and alleviate stress. It will help one feel confident with confrontation and communicate calmly, without anger or aggression. Amazonite will help dissolve Virgo’s judgment of others as it helps one it see more than one point of view. Amazonite also assists one with setting boundaries.

Virgo Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Wear Chrysocolla jewelry to enhance communication and expression. Keep Smoky Quartz on your desk to stay grounded and focused during work. Place Dalmatian Jasper in your home to infuse a sense of playfulness and spontaneity.

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Libra: Seekers of Harmony

Libras are cooperative, fair, and friendly. Ruled by Venus, they LOVE love and anything beautiful. Symbolized by the scales, they deeply value balance and harmony in their life in all ways. Libras are very easily able to see both sides of any story, making them very fair and diplomatic. However this leads to a struggle when it comes to decision making and confrontation, but this just means they care deeply about the words they say to others and the decisions they make. Prehnite, Bloodstone, Agate, and Charoite foster harmony in relationships and empower Libras to express themselves authentically.


Prehnite is calming, loving, and protective. It will support one during times of rapid or constant change, helping one feel harmonious in their environment. Prehnite will also help with releasing unnecessary clutter in one’s life, making for a cleaner and beautiful environment for Libra. Since Prehnite connects the heart chakra to the solar plexus chakra, it helps prevent avoidance, something Libra struggles with as they very much dislike confrontation.


A stone of strength, courage, and vitality, it stimulates creativity and intuition. Bloodstone is both grounding and mentally stimulating - assisting with mental focus, motivation, and fatigue. It will help one to get through any situation, to push on without fear. Bloodstone is a great stone for Libra because of its ability to help with decision making as well as its ability to bring in a sense of balance.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate promotes security, confidence, and positive thinking. It helps one feel comfortable being alone which is good for Libra as they tend to seek out the company of others. Botswana Agate balances emotionally and physically, overall strengthening ones inner stability.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli encourages creativity, self expression, and a desire to learn. It stimulates the mind and promotes one to think objectively. Lapis Lazuli will bring Libra back to center when they feel unbalanced because it’s healing properties resemble traits Libra is known for. It will inspire deep talks and philosophical ways of thinking, something that Libra values as an air sign.

Libra Zodiac Crystals

TRY THIS: Hold Prehnite during meditation to promote balance and harmony within yourself. Carry Bloodstone with you to boost courage and vitality. 

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Scorpio: Passionate Truth-Seekers

Scorpios are passionate, decisive, analytical, and intuitive. Scorpios are true detectives, they can easily see the truth of anything or anyone or will easily be able to find out. They are secretive individuals and can be very guarded around others at first. However they are the most loyal of friends and are the best at keeping secrets. They are adaptive and resourceful and can power through anything life throws at them. Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Ruby Tourmaline, and Mahogany Obsidian assist in embracing transformation, intuition, and emotional healing.


Labradorite is a stone of magic and intuition. It awakens us to our intuition and psychic gifts and will help to keep our spirit safe while we explore different things that are more occult or esoteric. This is a great stone for Scorpio as they are naturally intuitive and typically develop interest in those particular subject areas. Labradorite will also remind Scorpio of their ability to be adaptable during times of change or transformation. Finally, Labradorite reveals the truths of illusion as well as illuminates the source of personal unconscious discomforts.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone soothes aggressiveness and encourages patience. It balances energies and activates all chakras, helping one to feel more grounded and centered. Similar to Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone will help to awaken intuition and will provide psychic protection. A stone of new beginnings and transformation, Rainbow Moonstone encourages one to be more introspective and decisive about the path ahead.

Ruby Tourmaline

A stone of love and compassion, Ruby Tourmaline helps one accept and give love as well as understand love. It brings in strength, vitality, and security and awakens a newfound zest for life. Ruby Tourmaline is a good stone for Scorpio because it will help them lower their guard and be more vulnerable around others. It facilitates deep emotional healing and strengthens self love.

Mahogany Obsidian

The energies of Mahogany Obsidian and Scorpio are very similar. Mahogany Obsidian is a stone of strength, it fuels creative passion and sexuality and it encourages one to embody their true authentic selves, these are all things that are very important to Scorpio. It removes limitations and blockages that get in the way of one’s goals and strengthens decision making. This is a good stone for Scorpio because it strengthens qualities they already possess and will help keep them grounded in their lives in many different ways.

Scorpio Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Use Labradorite during introspective moments to enhance intuition and insight. Create a crystal grid with Rainbow Moonstone, Ruby Tourmaline, and Mahogany Obsidian to facilitate emotional healing and transformation.

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Sagittarius: Adventurous Explorers

Sagittarius’ are free spirited individuals that love to have fun and live life to the fullest. They thrive when they are traveling or learning new things, they love to learn and expand their minds. Sagittarius are incredibly truthful, sometimes to a fault. Their biggest challenge is hurting others feelings with their upfront and blunt opinions or comments. Despite this, Sagittarius are natural born leaders and aren’t afraid to do things differently or march to the beat of their own drum. Gold Sheen Obsidian, Bumblebee Jasper, Red Jasper, and Tigers Eye fuel their passion for exploration and help them manifest their dreams.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian is a great stone for manifestation, leadership, and self reflection. It can help one discover their personal power and skills that can help one create their own reality. Resonating with the third eye and solar plexus chakras, it helps to illuminate egotistical tendencies or motivates one to be more introspective. This is a great stone for Sagittarius for it will strengthen the leadership abilities they have and help them be more thoughtful of others and think before speaking.

Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper has a bright and joyful energy, a stone of adventure and manifestation. It can help one overcome obstacles that may get in the way of a goal or project. Bumblebee Jasper boosts energy and ego and will assist anyone in strengthening their ability to work with and collaborate with others. All of these qualities of Bumblebee Jasper will be helpful for Sagittarius because they are all qualities of a good leader, be it to other people or within their own lives.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a very grounding, soothing stone that aides in transmuting negative energy. It helps to clear the mind and increases one’s focus and determination. It possesses a special spiritual, earthly energy within it that encourages dedication within us to be able to commit to new spiritual practices. Sagittarius are very philosophical and spiritual people so this is an excellent stone for Sagittarius to venture into any new spiritual or holistic interests with focus and seriousness. Red Jasper is also a stone of passion and will ignite any of their passions with a new perspective and a renewal of energy.

Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is a stone of good fortune, action, courage, and clear thinking. It’s an excellent stone for problem solving, compromising, and using good judgment. This is a good stone for Sagittarius to connect to because it matches their fun and adventurous energy and it also helps bring focus to their passions and projects and assists them in being overall more effective individuals.

Sagittarius Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Carry Gold Sheen Obsidian with you during travels for protection and manifestation. Place Bumblebee Jasper on your altar to infuse your space with adventurous energy. Meditate with Red Jasper to connect with your inner fire and passion.

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Capricorn: Ambitious Achievers

Capricorns are the epitome of responsibility and hard work—with their determination, work ethic, and practical mind, they can make anything happen. They are very reserved and serious and can at times be judgmental of other’s work ethic or lifestyle. They can be workaholics, but they have a deep value for family and tradition. Dalmatian Jasper, Black Onyx, Nephrite Jade, and Amethyst support their goals with grounding energy and a sense of calm determination.

Dalmation Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a stone that brings a fun and youthful energy to our lives, it helps one not be so serious about everything and to go with the flow. This is a great stone for Capricorn as it will help ease their tendencies to hold onto strict rules or ways of doing things. In addition to this though, it also helps one analyze a situation fully and make thoughtful plans of action. The duality of energy this stone possesses is a perfect fit for Capricorn for it will strengthen that which they already possess, but also will bring ease and flow into the process and perspective.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a stone of discipline, self mastery, and strength. It helps one learn and retain new and/or difficult information, and proceed with a project or plan with focus, vitality, and willpower. This stone will strengthen the qualities Capricorn already possesses and will help revitalize them when they feel unbalanced or off their game. It will help calm nerves and outside energies that are entering Capricorns space.

Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade brings a sense of peace and joy for life. It helps detoxify negative energies within the physical body as well as stabilize emotions. Nephrite Jade is an excellent stone for anyone that is very busy or always on the move due to the calming and clearing abilities. This is a great stone for Capricorns who are always focused on working hard at everything they do. Another reason this stone is good for Capricorn is because it brings a sense of harmony and happiness to relationships in their life.


Amethyst is calming, protective, and awakening. It soothes the emotional body—bringing one back to center during times of high stress. It is beneficial in helping one remain calm, focused, and motivated. Amethyst also sparks creativity and innovative thinking. This is beneficial for Capricorn, who typically do everything by the book, as it can take their success and goals to a level they may not have known to be possible if not for creative thinking.

Capricorn Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Wear Black Onyx jewelry to absorb negative energy and promote focus and determination. Keep Nephrite Jade on your desk to invite prosperity and abundance into your workspace. Place Amethyst under your pillow for restful sleep and stress relief.

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Aquarius: Visionary Innovators

Aquarius is one of the most eccentric signs of the zodiac. They are trendsetters, visionaries, and humanitarians. They can be shy and quiet and seem aloof to others as they value their privacy and space but still love friendships and being around people. Aquarius’s biggest struggle is emotional expression, they would much rather repress their emotions or process emotions with their mind rather than truly feeling them. Despite this, they are wonderful at self expression on all other levels and are always seeking out the greater good for humanity. K2 Jasper, Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, and Smoky Quartz enhance their intuition, intellect, and ability to communicate their ideas effectively.


K2 is found in the K2 mountains of Pakistan, it has a high vibrational energy and assists with achieving the highest peaks of ones consciousness. K2 resonates at a similar frequency as Aquarius, it provides one with the ability to just know what to do next since it focuses so much on seeing the bigger picture. Similarly, Aquarius has the ability to perceive their future and what is needed of them to achieve their goals and desires. Finally K2 Jasper inspires harmony and collaboration among groups of people, it opens the Throat Chakra and helps us to be empathetic towards others.


Fluorite is a stone that strengthens ones mental abilities, it brings focus and concentration into all areas of our life. Fluorite is also helpful with eliminating fixed perspectives or patterns of behavior, which is very helpful to Aquarius because they are a fixed zodiac sign and can tend to have issues with compromise. Fluorite helps Aquarius come to realization of emotions that they may be repressing and facilitates the healing of said emotions. Finally, Fluorite brings structure to ideas and visions and fills one with a sense of endless, obtainable possibility.

Blue Kyanite

A stone of diplomatic communication, Blue Kyanite is a perfect stone to strengthen Aquarius’ humanitarian nature. It assists with working through disputes, inspires fair treatment of others, and in general helps with communication among disharmonious people. Kyanite is aligned with Aquarius as it encourages authentic self expression, something vitally important to Aquarius.

Smoky Quartz

Being an air sign, it’s important for Aquarius to make sure they are taking the time to bring themselves back down to earth and ground themselves. Smoky Quartz is not only a great stone for grounding, but it also revitalizes ones intellectual connection to their path here on Earth. It’s a powerful manifestation stone and prevents one from absorbing or holding onto negative energies and keeps our spirits high and optimistic.

Aquarius Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Create a crystal grid using K2 Jasper, Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, and Smoky Quartz to enhance your visionary abilities and promote clear communication. Carry Fluorite with you during brainstorming sessions to stimulate creative thinking.

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Pisces: Dreamy Intuitives

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is said to be one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac, holding a little bit of the energies from all of the signs before it. They are intuitive, dreamy, and artistic and have an exceptional moral compass and intuition. As a water sign, Pisces are very emotional and sensitive beings. Pisces are very changeable individuals, their environment and the people in it can affect how they think, feel, and act. Howlite, Lepidolite, Hematite, and Snowflake Obsidian aid in grounding their dreams and enhancing their psychic abilities.


Howlite will help keep Pisces grounded while still keeping their crown chakras open and stimulated. Howlite facilitates a connection to the Higher Self and awakens ones awareness of their own vibrational light. Pisces will also benefit from its ability to balance emotions and release excess energies within the auric field.


Lepidolite carries a beautiful nurturing energy that will be very soothing for Pisces emotions. It brings a sense of inner peace, dissolves anxieties and stress. Lepidolite empowers one to feel capable of handling any stressful situation. Pisces can really struggle with getting overwhelmed by issues and problems and can get lost in trying to resolve them. Lepidolite will help one feel more independent and less reliant on others.


Hematite grounds one into their physical bodies and due to its magnetic energies, it’s helpful for anyone that tends to be clumsy or physically unbalanced. Hematite assists with spaciness and is a great stone for focus and bringing ones mind back to their body. This is great for Pisces because of their tendencies to daydream and space out. Hematite also boosts confidence and soothes emotions and stress, which is good for Pisces tendency to worry.

Snowflake Obsidian

Attuned to the third eye chakra and root chakra, Snowflake Obsidian has the ability to enhance ones psychic abilities while keeping them grounded and protected. It assists with connecting to our angels and spirit guides and helps one become more aware of signs and synchronicities sent to help guide us. Snowflake Obsidian is also good for focus, it prevents energy draining daydreaming and keeps one from getting distracted in general.

Pisces Zodiac Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

TRY THIS: Place Howlite under your pillow to enhance dream recall and spiritual connection. Carry Lepidolite with you to ease anxiety and promote emotional balance. Meditate with Hematite to ground your energy and enhance focus during visualization exercises.

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As we conclude our journey through the intricate connection between zodiac signs and crystals, may you find inspiration and empowerment in the energies of these gemstones. Looking to begin working with crystals for your zodiac sign? Discover personalizedcrystal sets tailored to your astrological sign in our online shop. 

Spread the cosmic wisdom by forwarding this blog to someone who would enjoy this information or share your own zodiac crystal experiences in the on social media, tagging @RockswithSass on Instagram so we can celebrate your journey. Let's continue to unlock the mysteries of the stars and stones together!

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