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How to Maximize the Energy of your Space with Crystals

There are many ways to use Feng Shui in a space in your home, office, or home office. Feng Shui translates to Wind and Water (air and water) they are the two essential elements required to sustain life. All areas of the Earth contain wind and water circulating “chi” which is life giving energy. Feng Shui is also called the art of placement, which circulates and balances your personal chi. You can utilize crystals to enhance or reduce the energy you need.

To begin working with Feng Shui it is important to clear out clutter in your space to allow the chi in your rooms to move freely. This does not mean that you need to get rid of all of your things, but you want to remove anything that is a barrier in a space or blocking energy. Especially items blocking doorways and windows as that is where energy enters and exits. Clutter in your house should be thought of as a clog in an artery or a tumor in the body. 

Items send subconscious dialog, so if you have anything broken in your house you either want to fix it or get rid of it right away to not send yourself dysfunction. If you find the item that broke to still be beautiful you do not need to part with it. Think about any messages that possessions send you subconsciously whether broken or just not a positive in your life anymore. Like a wall hanging, you were gifted by an energy sucking ex-friend that reminds you of negative experiences; would be best donated or thrown away. It is also a good rule to have wall hangings and items on shelves at eye-level or lower so you are not sending a message that your goals and aspirations are out of reach. In the same vein you do not want items to be so low that you are gazing downward, which can send a subconscious message of limiting yourself. 

Next it is good to understand the 5 Elements of Feng Shui, they are:   

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

In general it is best to have all elements in balance or to use 3-5 of the elements in each space. The elements provide unique energy themselves and also interact with each other to produce an energizing or reducing effect. Before we dive into how the elements interact it is important to understand the fundamentals of each element. 

Feng Shui Wood Element.jpg

Wood energy is nourishing, promotes growth mentally and physically, and is great for new beginnings. The symbol of Wood energy is green and brown (think colors of living creatures i.e. flowers, plants), can include light and medium blues and rectangular shapes. Vital to our well-being, wood energy, is known to enhance eating spaces, children’s rooms, and project spaces. 

Examples of crystals with wood energy are green aventurine, green calcite, peridot, unakite, prehnite, jade, green opal, malachite, bloodstone, green apatite, etc.

Feng Shui Elements Fire.jpg

Fire energy is energizing, warm, enthusiastic, illuminating, passionate and potent. It is important to use fire in moderation as it can also be destructive. Represented by red hues including orange and violet, and triangular shapes. Fire energy is good to use in spaces that need high energy and can be utilized in the winter time when there is less sun to augment the sun’s power.

Red, orange, and violet crystals bring this energy into a space, some examples are red jasper, rhodonite, red garnet, goldstone, carnelian, calcite (pink, red & orange), rose quartz, amethyst. 

Feng Shui Elements Earth.jpg

Earth energy is grounding, balancing and stable. The symbol of Earth energy is light brown, terra-cotta colors and square shape. Any earth tone crystal can help enhance a restful space that is in need of a calming energy. This energy can also be used if you are seeking control and protection.

Examples of crystals are brown colored garnets, brown agates, mahogany obsidian, bumblebee jasper, ocean jasper, polychrome jasper, sunstone, citrine, and tigers eye to name just a few.

Feng Shui Elements-6.jpg

Metal energy is intelligent, healing, and creative. Metal brings us concentration, determination, and organization. This is a good element for your home office or workspace. Metal is sharp and hard and because of that it is protecting. The symbolic colors of metal is white, grey, silver, gold, copper, metallic sheen properties and round shapes.

Crystals with these properties are able to bring metal energy into a space. They include howlite, rutile quartz, chalcopyrite, pyrite, gold sheen obsidian, etc.  

Feng Shui Elements.png

Water energy is cleansing, nourishing and quiet strength. Water is symbolized by water itself, the colors blue and black, reflective surfaces, and wavy lines. Water energy is good in spaces used for relaxation and reflection.

Crystals with water energy can include angel aura quartz, blue lace agate, celestite, blue calcite, sodalite, angelite, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, black onyx, hematite, obsidian, etc.

You may be wondering, “How do I know what I need in my space?” Oftentimes people intuitively find items containing the energy they need without much thought and surprise themselves. 

When getting started working with chi/energy it is helpful do these things:

  1. Walk into a space, really look around, and think about what kind of activity you do or would like to do in that space. Would you like the space to be Yin or Yang space? 

    Yin = stable, revitalizing, introspective, cool colors

    Yang = change, expressing, social, warm colors 

  2. What emotion do I currently feel in this space? What causes me to feel this way? 

    Pay special attention to things that bring joy/the energy you’d like to feel.

  3. Make a mental or physical note of what items need to be removed from the space that are no longer serving you. 

  4. After you’ve made a plan for your space, start removing items you made a note to remove. 

  5. Then evaluate the flow of the space. You want the energy and your eye to easily and peacefully move around the space. Move anything that is blocking a clear path around the space, then tidy and make the space orderly.

*Hold prehnite while doing this practice to help you see your clutter and help remove things that are no longer needed. Prehnite can also help you organize the items you wish to keep.

Yin and yang it is the notion of chi/energy balance.

Opposites can not exist without each other and they also support each other. 

For example: hot/cold, male/female, bright/dark, birth/death

Feng Shui Elements-11-2.jpg

Yang is outward directed, excitable, action, and big picture oriented. 

Yin is inward directed, reserved, contemplative, and good with details.

Yang Elements - Earth, Wood, Fire

Yin Elements - Earth, Water, Metal

Earth is a balanced element so it can be either Yin or Yang.

The energizing relationships of the elements are as follows:

Wood fuels Fire

Fire creates Earth

Earth produces Metal

Metal holds Water

Water feeds Wood

Energizing Relationships: Read Clockwise Starting at the Tree symbolizing WoodReducing Relationships: Read in a Star Shape using the lines in the middle

Energizing Relationships: Read Clockwise Starting at the Tree symbolizing Wood

Reducing Relationships: Read in a Star Shape using the lines in the middle

The energizing/supporting relationships mean that if you want to enhance the energy of an element find it on this chart and move counter clockwise to see the energizing element. Fire is fueled by wood energy. For example use carnelian (or other fire stone) with jade (or other wood stone) to enhance fire energy. 

The reducing relationship of the elements are:

Wood displaces Earth

Earth controls Water

Water douses Fire

Fire melts Metal

Metal cuts Wood

Reducing relationships are best used in a room where you can not physically get rid of the element you want to reduce without costly renovation (i.e. wood paneling on walls) or if you cannot alter your space (apartment life). Let’s use the wood paneling example here, since there is so much wood on the walls you want to use metal element items to minimize the wood effect. Place metal element crystals in this space such as pyrite or whatever metal crystal calls to you.

With Feng Shui you can also use the Bagua (meaning 8 areas), to overlay on your house or room, to bring needed energy to that space. This is an easy go to for crystal placement.

Place the bagua over a basic sketch of the floorplan of your space with the main entrance being at the lower end of the grid. Make eight circles on the space to label the areas of the bagua. In each circle you will want to place items that correspond with the area.

Feng Shui Elements-7-2.png

These crystal placements are good in the corresponding quadrants.

Feng Shui Elements-6-2.png
Feng Shui Elements-3.png

I hope this provides you with some basic fundamental knowledge of Feng Shui. Feng Shui dates back to around 960 B.C. and includes a lot of different teachings and complexities.

Wishing you positive chi!

- Kathryn Wood

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