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How Do Crystals Work? The science behind healing crystal energy

The History of Crystal Energy

Crystal energy has been used for healing, protection and meditation by civilizations throughout history dating back 40,000 years. These practices have been passed down from generation to generation. 

  • Ancient Egypt, Greece, and China are just a few civilizations that used Amber as amulets, jewelry, and talismans to heal the wearer. Even evidence of its use was discovered in Neolithic remains dating back 12,000 years ago.
  • Egyptians also used Malachite amulets to ward off evil. Additionally, they would paint the faces of coffins with Malachite as a symbol of life. Malachite was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans, for jewelry, ornaments and even eyeshadow in powdered form (not safe).

  • According to an archeological study from the University of Pennsylvania, Ancient Egyptians were found buried in tombs wearing Carnelian jewelry. Carnelian symbolized the Blood of Isis, goddess of protection. When entering the afterlife wearing this blood red stone, Egyptian royalty was protected from negative forces.
  • While in Scotland and Ireland, the crystal energy of Quartz was used to cure cattle of various diseases.

The Science of Crystal Energy

Although many people rely heavily on their intuition when working with crystal energy we believe it’s also important to understand the overarching science behind this work.

All matter vibrates at different vibrational frequencies. This vibration is called a Dominant Oscillatory Rate or DOR. As humans we are made up of trillions of DORs as each cell in our body vibrates at its own DOR. Crystals on the other hand only have one DOR.

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The Seven Crystal Systems

The seven crystal systems
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The molecules in a crystal are arranged in a fixed repeating pattern. Unlike humans, this structure makes crystal energy highly stable allowing them to easily maintain their DOR. When we bring crystals into our energy field the process of entrainment begins. Entrainment is when the rhythm of a more stable energy causes another to gradually synchronize with it. This is the Universe’s way of bringing energies into balance.

Because crystal energy is extremely precise and stable, crystals are used for many things in today’s world. You may not realize it, but you probably use crystals daily. Here are some examples: watches, radio, tv, radar, computer chips, phones, solar panels, lasers etc.

Things that use crystals
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All of these examples show that certain crystals act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies. Knowing this fact, it's reasonable to consider the idea that crystal energy may be capable of transforming and/or magnifying other forms of energy that have not yet been measured by today’s scientific tools. Our crystal offerings are for those who believe in that possibility and are interested in using powerful, stable crystal energy to align themselves with the vibration of their choosing.

There are some key points that must be understood before using crystals:

  1. Because your energy is unique to you so will be your experience with a particular crystal. Invest time experimenting, use the crystal meaning pages on our website to spark inspiration for your own rituals and practices.

  2. Crystals act as tools in your healing journey. They allow energy to flow more easily and are a tangible representation of your intentions. They are not your healer. You are your own healer.

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This is the first post of a brand new series called Crystal Basics. Throughout this year, we will be creating blog posts to help you build a robust crystal toolkit filled with information on how to use crystal energy in your every day life. We will be providing you with knowledge from the ground up. Expect to learn about:
  • Crystals for Beginners
  • Crystal Colors
  • Choosing a Crystal
  • Cleansing Crystals
  • Connecting with Crystals
  • Intention Setting etc

Once we complete our Crystal Basics series we will move on to our Advanced Crystal Knowledge series. Where we will learn about:

  • Programming Crystals
  • Crystal Grids
  • How to use a Pendulum
  • Crystal Pairings etc

We are so excited to explore the world of crystal energy with you in a meaningful way this year! If you are interested in learning more right now check out one of our already published posts:

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