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Quartz Characteristics and Formations

Quartz Characteristics and Crystal Formations

Crystal Formation Overview

Let’s talk about Quartz! In this blog post we’re going to be diving into different structures as well as surface characteristics of Quartz family crystals. But first, before we begin, I want to give an official and very important disclaimer that I am in no way an expert on any of this information and that everything in this blog post is from research as well as personal knowledge I have learned over the course of collecting and being interested in crystals.

It is also important to note that I have only touched the surface of the more factual/scientific/geographical information on these formations and characteristics, and that there are many other formations and characteristics that occur in Quartz than mentioned here. Even though I have listed metaphysical qualities for each of these, I encourage everyone to find their own meanings and interpretations of these pieces. All crystals have something different to teach us, and its important to tune into our crystals to see what exactly that is. 


What is a twin crystal?

A twin is a crystal that has two terminations caused by two crystals growing parallel from the same base. 

Twin crystals are also called Tantric Twins or Soulmate crystals. Quartz crystals can also have what is called an internal twin, which can’t be seen by the eye, but there are several external factors that indicate a point has internal twinning.

Metaphysical meaning

  • Can aid us in any relationship: family, significant others, friends.

  • Attract divine connections: working with these crystals can attract soulmates or soul family to our lives.

  • Helps us to find the heart of any issue, safely discuss them, and problem solve how to heal or fix it.

Double Terminated Crystals

What is a Double Terminated Crystal?

Also called a DT crystal for short. This type of crystal formation has a termination or point on both ends and can be found naturally or carved to be this shape like a wand. Since there is no base, energy flows from both ends of DT crystals and resembles the balance of giving and receiving.

This type of Quartz formation isn't as common to come across. Visually and scientifically, they are truly wonders to see. Energetically, they are very powerful crystals with a very specific energy. 

Double Terminated Crystal
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©

Metaphysical meaning

  • Brings harmony and balance

  • Can be especially powerful when used during meditation or grid work.

  • Use for psychic ability (energy flowing from both ends is useful for psychic work such as connecting with higher self and/or spirit guides)

  • Assists with dream recall.

Self Healed Crystals

Self healed crystals are crystals that have broken off of the original matrix they began forming from. This is where they get their other common name “floater." This occurs due to various movements and shifts in the Earth (ex. earthquakes) as well as other things such as environment, pressure, and other crystals forming nearby. Once a crystal breaks off, it continues to grow over the broken end.

There are many stages of self healing. More underdeveloped self healed pieces will usually appear to be more flat with subtle scaley or triangular formations covering the area, they can be identified by moving around in various angles in the light. Other stages will have more established raised points like in the photo above. Some crystals are self healed to the point that they become a double terminated crystal.

Self Healed Crystals
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ©


  • Similar to DT’s, self healed crystals are very powerful in grid work.

  • Vibrates with persistence and optimism.

  • Self healed crystals are excellent crystals for healing. Even though they have been through the trauma of being disrupted and damaged, they still push on and continue to grow and heal said damage. Working with them or even just admiring them reminds us that we too can move on and continue to grow despite the obstacles and challenges we go through.

Scepter Quartz

A Scepter crystal resembles an actual Scepter, which is an ornamental staff or wand carried by a king, queen or anyone of power. A scepter crystal is a natural point that has secondary growth over the termination. The second generation crystal, or the younger crystal is bigger than the first generation crystal. Sometimes the younger crystal can be smaller, in which case is called a reverse scepter. To be a scepter crystal the secondary crystal must be growing parallel to the older crystal point. Historically scepter crystals symbolize spiritual authority and power, making them excellent for stepping into and regaining our personal divine power within.

Scepter Quartz Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Hold great power, think of the Divine Masculine and the essence of that energy.

  • Allows us to manifest swiftly as well as heal ourselves and groups of people.

  • Not only is it an excellent healer, but it helps us to realize the core of whatever needs to be healed.

  • Helps us take charge of our lives and step into our personal power. Assists with overcoming procrastination and boosting motivation.

  • The phallic nature of this crystal formation is said to strengthen fertility and overcome issues with sexuality or hormone imbalances.

Elestial Quartz

Also known as Skeletal or Crocodile Quartz, Elestials are skeletal looking crystals with layers of terminations all over the surface. The general appearance of these crystals consists of layered geometric patterns, depressions/cavities, and raised terminations. This formation occurs during the crystallization process where there was unstable conditions as well as the faces forming slower than the edges. Elestials are notorious for having water inclusions because of their internal cavities.

Elestial Quartz
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Elestials will make their way to you when you need them and their healing powers the most. Every Elestial has a different purpose and lesson for us. If the right one falls in your hands it will probably be a piece you have in your collection for a lifetime.

  • Highly attuned to the Angelic Realm, Elestials bring us wonderful light and love and promotes healing in the exact way we need it at the right time.

  • They have the ability to match frequencies to those around it receiving their energy.

  • Said to be like a computer, holding ancient information over vast periods of time. Elestials are said to help with cord cutting or dissolving karma, and ultimately promoting more spiritual growth.

Cathedral Quartz

Also called Lightbrary Quartz, Cathedral Quartz gets its name from its appearance closely resembling buttresses on cathedral architecture. It’s structure is essentially a crystal with several smaller crystal points that lead into one main crystal termination. The smaller points may or may not be completely formed or whole and grow/sit parallel to the main crystal body.

Cathedral Quartz Crystal Formation
Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • High vibrational crystals commonly used by lightworkers and healers of all kinds.

  • Lightbrary essentially stands for “Light Library” or the Akashic records and holds information of the past, present, and future. Their high vibrations helps to raise our own and more easily access this ancient wisdom.

  • Helps us to focus on the bigger picture of the world.

Chisel Tip

A chisel tip is when a the termination of a crystal is flat at the top and not in the shape of a traditional point. Also sometimes called “shovel tip” Quartz due to its resemblance of a shovel.

Chisel Tip Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Think of them as being a metaphor for an actual shovel. Chisel tip crystals help us dig deep into our psyche. This makes them an excellent tools for shadow work.

  • Assists us with clearing away excess within our lives that is preventing us from success or advancing.

  • Work with chisel tip crystals to help overcome bad habits.

Penetrator/Manifestation Quartz

A Penetrator is a quartz point that grew into another point and can usually be seen on the inside depending on the clarity of the piece or angle of the penetrator. A Manifestation Quartz is similar to a penetrator, but there is no visible entry point of the secondary crystal growth and the point is enclosed entirely within the crystal. As the name hints, it almost looks like the crystal growth manifested within the main crystal.

Penetrator Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Penetrator Quartz is used for inner work, soul searching, as well as introspection.

  • Manifestation Quartz, like its name suggests, is an excellent crystal to use for manifestation. Hold during meditation and visualize exactly what it is you are trying to manifest in your life. Picture even the smallest details, imagine yourself when you receive this, how do you feel?

  • Manifestation Quartz is also good for healing the inner child and allowing us to feel safe while we do so.


A key in a Quartz crystal is caused when two crystals grew closely to one another, but is no longer intact or attached to the crystal, they look like a moulding or impression of another crystal that was growing next to it/within it, the key is visual evidence of this occurrence.  The key can be perpendicular, where you can see the 6 sides of another crystal formation and it looks like a hexagon, or it can be more vertical or parallel and appear more elongated.

Key/Imprints Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


An imprint is similar to a key, but has a much larger surface area and is caused by several crystals growing in close proximity and crowding. Rather than being a random isolated impression, imprints can actually alter the entire shape of the crystal.

Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Keys can assist us with accessing information within the subconscious or answering our deeper questions.

  • Keys help us to unpack or unlock blockages in our life.

  • Imprints help us to be more adaptable as they help us see exterior influences in anything.

  • I personally love to rub my thumb on keys and imprints, all of my pieces with these formations are positioned perfectly for my fingers or thumbs to rest on during meditation.

Record Keepers

Record keepers are small slightly raised or indented triangular shapes found on crystal faces most commonly on Quartz family crystals, but can sometimes be found on Sapphire, Rubies, and others. Record keepers are in alignment with the main crystal termination, which means the top of the triangle points upward. Sometimes, though rarely, record keepers can be upside down (these are called Trigonic record keepers). Record keepers can be found by shining a light on the faces of a natural crystal point and moving it around slowly to try to find them reflect light.

Some say Record Keepers have the ability to appear out of nowhere or move around, I’ve personally experienced finding a record keeper on a crystal I have never seen prior. It is possible that we simply just missed them on our first glance, but I prefer to believe they hold a little bit of magic in that sense.

Record Keepers
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Said to hold information stored within the crystal by ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

  • Helps connect to universal information like the Akashic Records.

  • Assists with past life regression and healing.

  • Whenever a crystal with a record keeper comes into your possession the wisdom within the crystal is meant for you specifically.

  • Store/program your own information within crystals with record keepers.


Sometimes referred to as barcodes, Striations are parallel raised ridges or steps found on the lower faces of Quartz crystals, very rarely striations can be found on the upper faces of the crystal. They are commonly associated with Lemurian Seed Quartz, however, striations can be found on many other types of crystals in addition to Lemurian Quartz such as normal Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and even Pyrite and Apophyllite. They can be subtle or very pronounced and can be distinguished very easily on a crystal.

Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Striations are said to be connected to the Akashic Records. Meditation with these crystals and rubbing the striations is said to assist with accessing the records as well as unlock information encoded within them when it comes to Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals.


Etching appears as markings on the exterior of a crystal where minerals have been washed away by hydrothermic water during its formation. Etching is completely unique to each crystal and vary in amount, size, and level of depth that has eroded. Starbraries are etchings that are exclusive on Lemurian Quartz, which are mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil and Columbia. They have a glyph-like appearance to them or geometric symbols/patterns. A lot of the starbrary markings look like asteroids falling from the sky or some kind of space-like scene.

Etching Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​


  • Starbraries are found spread out all over the globe, and each ends up with who needs it and it’s messages. There is a sense of community awakening that they inspire. They symbolize unity, and remind us that we are all connected and we all have our own soul path and purpose.

  • Crystals with etching are said to hold a vast amount of information within them. You can try to tune into these messages through meditation and rubbing the etching, or try crystal gazing with etched Quartz.

  • Sometimes etching or Starbrary markings are called Sigils, which is defined as “an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.” The markings on these types of crystals can be recognizable images of things that can have the ability to activate knowledge within us or connect deeper to the crystal.

Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©

Isis face:

An Isis face is a crystal face with five sides. The five faces have perfect or near perfect symmetry.

Isis Face Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • Isis face crystals assist us with connection with Goddess energy. They help us connect to Divine Feminine energy, use a crystal with an Isis face to connect to the Goddess Isis herself, or the Goddess within you.
  • Isis face crystals have a very nurturing energy to them and encourage empathy for others.
  • It is said that the 5 sides symbolize the relationship between the 4 elements and ourselves.


A window is a small four sided diamond shape that intersects between the upper faces that lead to the termination (“R” and “Z” faces) and the lower faces (“M” faces). The window is called the "S” face of the crystal. Each side of the window face is even or equal in size, this is how to differentiate between windows and timelinks.

Window Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©

Timelink Windows:

Timelink windows are similar to windows but they are elongated parallelograms that go both right and left. A right activation window points to the right, this is also called timelink to the future. We can use these to meditate to help aide in our outlook of the future. A left activation window points to the left, this is also called timelink to the past, and we can use these to meditate to access information from the past.

Left Activation Window Crystal Formation
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©
Right Activation Window
Image from Rocks with Sass LLC ​​©


  • “Window to the soul” windows can help us be introspective and evaluate our patterns and mindsets that may be holding us back.

  • Meditation with a window can help bring things to the surface that need to be healed from the past, in the present, or for the future.

  • Windows heighten psychic abilities and can assist with clairvoyance, scrying, or intuitive readings.

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