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Top 10 Crystals for Beginners + How to Work with their Energy

Today we would like to offer you the Rocks with Sass list of recommended crystals for beginners. If you have yet to read our blog post: How do crystals work? The science behind healing crystal energy I would recommend starting there before continuing. This article will go in depth on our Top 10 Must Have Beginner Crystals: who they are, what they can do, and the many ways you can utilize their healing abilities. These staple stones are the perfect base to any crystal collection, covering major intentions and themes that everyone experiences in their life. Get ready to be filled with knowledge of how to use these 10 crystal energies in your everyday life! You can shop the entire Beginner Crystals Collection online or at our storefront in Westerville, OH.

Quartz - The Master Healer

Perhaps the most common crystal you can find, there is nothing ordinary about the power of Clear Quartz. This is the quintessential crown chakra stone, though this powerhouse can align and recharge all of the seven chakras. It has the ability to channel any energy, and so it helps with any condition. Clear Quartz has the ability to amplify energy, making it potentially the most powerful healing stone in your collection. Truly a catch all, it’s a necessity for anyone starting out.

If you are new to crystal healing, we invite you to work with this powerful stone on its own; allowing it to clear all of your chakras and help bring you back into alignment. Work with this affirmation: ‘The energy of the Universe flows through me. I connect to this Divine flow of energy and allow it to bring healing, positivity and resources into my life.’ As you cleanse your energetic field, you will be able to connect more deeply to your heart and truth and find your Soul’s intention for being here on this Earth at this time.

Quartz Crystal Point Illustration

Quartz has the ability of amplifying other crystals properties, making it the perfect complement to the other stones on this list. Use Clear Quartz as an addition to crystal grids to amplify your intention. Or keep in your workspace to help amplify energy, focus, and provide clarity. Wearing and carrying Quartz can help cleanse your energetic body and psychic debris. There is no limit to the power a piece of Quartz can bestow upon your crystal journey. Learn all about the many different formations and characteristics of Quartz here!

Citrine - The Positivity Magnet

Citrine earns its place among the ranks of perfect beginner stones by being multifaceted. Its natural ability to create joy can be applied to every aspect of your life, from shifting your perspective to recharging your five senses. Citrine is a go-to for those of us who experience difficulty seeing the joy in life, it helps melt away negativity and introduce you to a more positive point of view. A positively perfect addition to any new crystal collector who wants a little more sunshine in their life.

Looking on the bright side is made easier with Citrine, which is a great comfort to those of us who are depressed. Habitually using Citrine, you’ll feel as though you have your own personal spot of sunshine- no matter the weather! This is an excellent stone to meditate with, it’s a stone that resonates with your sacral, root and third eye chakras.

Natural Citrine Point Illustration

Joyous Citrine Ritual

During sunset or sunrise grab a Citrine that feels comfortable to hold, and go outside or by a sunny window. Sit, lay, or stand (this is for everyone, so do what's comfy for you!) and hold your citrine close to your stomach. Lightly shut your eyes, and feel the energy of the Citrine and the sun over your body. They both have a warm, yellow energy that will brighten your mood. Take deep breaths, and visualize a yellow shell of energy surrounding your whole being (physical and spiritual), almost like you are a star. While you're in this state, feel free to speak or think a mantra, for example, “Happiness is always mine” or “Joy fills and flows through me”.

If you’ve sought out Citrine as a stone of manifestation as well, you’ve come to the right place. Positivity is infectious, and bringing a piece of Citrine into otherwise ambivalent environments will change the flow of energy to your favor. Bring Citrine with you to any place where a deal is made, car dealerships, open houses, or interviews! Let positivity flow through these spaces, and be ready to accept joy into your life.

Green Aventurine - The Abundance Attractor

Everyone can benefit from some additional abundance! Green Aventurine opens up avenues to abundance by absorbing negative energy in your heart, transmuting feelings of envy into newfound aspirations. Those of us who struggle with our opinions of self worth can achieve newfound confidence through these heart healing energies. We recommend Green Aventurine to anyone seeking renewed prosperity, and the ability to walk confidently along their path.

Manifestation may be a foreign concept to someone just starting to dip their toes into the metaphysical realm. To those people, we’d like to introduce you to the old (around 2 million years old), reliable, Green Aventurine. Having this stone around you will open you up to so many opportunities previously unthought of. Like a vibrant garden, the verdant energy of Green Aventurine works to realign your Heart Chakra. Its particularly effective at refocusing your priorities to include your self worth, and the outcome of this change is incredible. You’ll find yourself assured in your abilities and it will plant the prosperous seeds of love into your heart. Keep Green Aventurine with you whenever you may have a new prospect (romantic or financial especially), and your ability to chase these opportunities will flourish!

Green Aventurine Wand Illustration

The ways you can use Green Aventurine to experience a growth in abundance are plentiful! Adorn a Green Aventurine bracelet as a talisman of good, clean work ethic and bountiful fortune. Simply keep a small tumble in your pocket, especially with your money (its even hard enough to withstand some clinking coins) and watch as your perception changes: you’ll find opportunities everywhere! Some of us are already visionaries by nature. When you find yourself journaling about possibilities, making vision boards, or planning out your money moves: follow these tips! Grab your Green Aventurine and have it nearby, take a piece of paper and write your grocery list of dreams that you want to be realities. Always use the present tense, because you want these to manifest right away! Always be specific with your desires (i.e. I am a successful artist, and my art is well known in my community) then you and your Green Aventurine can find the path towards success.

Amethyst - The Mind Healer

Though many other stones (even ones on this list) can tote the title of Healer, Amethyst is like no other. Your little purple therapist, this variety of Quartz can assist with many different forms of mental strife. Amethyst alleviates obsessive thinking, including nightmares, and is a great companion for those struggling with addictions. Those of us plagued with self destructive tendencies will find comfort in the lavender glow of Amethyst’s energy. It’s the irreplaceable, crown jewel, of any beginning crystal collection.

Amethyst is a great stone to have if you suffer from a flood of negative thoughts before bed. Sometimes the stress of the day follows you home and makes it difficult to relax. An Amethyst cluster will be especially helpful in absorbing that negative energy; transforming it into peace and security. Placing this stone on a bedside table (or even just a tumble under your pillow/mattress) will bring you more restful sleep and peace of mind.

Amethyst Cluster Illustration

Calming Amethyst Ritual

Wherever you find yourself under the most stress, keep Amethyst with you to ease troubled thoughts. Focus on your breathing and visualize a soft glowing purple bubble of light coming from the stone. As your breathing deepens feel the bubble grow around you, let it surround your physical body. The bubble will not only set you at ease, but protect your physical and spiritual form against all negativity. Think or speak aloud a chosen phrase like: “My peace is impervious, it surrounds me, it protects me.

Adorning Amethyst is an excellent way to benefit yourself and your community. Whether a necklace, ring, bracelet or pocket tumble: Amethyst provides a perfect bubble of tranquil lavender energy that will effect you and those around you. It’s known as an excellent stone for sobriety; but even those just wanting to limit the intake of temptations will be put at ease. When these thoughts or actions are plaguing you, Amethyst will encourage you to overcome it through higher thinking and patience. If you find yourself often around people who suffer from these issues, Amethyst will protect your energy. Wear it at casinos, clubs, or bars especially when you’re the designated driver!

Selenite - The Divine Cleanser

Whatever shape this delicate crystal comes in, it bestows upon you cleansing energies. Selenite’s beautiful energy can calm a troubled mind, bringing clarity and focus into mentally foggy situations. It can cleanse not only your mental and physical body, but it can also refresh the sacred space where your other crystals reside. To us, Selenite is the must have cleansing crystal for anyone looking to delve into crystal healing.

Whether it’s a humble tumbled stone or an exemplary rough tower, Selenite offers powerful cleansing with a gentle finesse. To avoid scratches when carrying it, make sure your Selenite is polished and kept separate from things like keys or loose change. However, it pairs well with other smooth and polished crystals (especially protective stones like Black Tourmaline), as long as they are kept gingerly! Selenite will provide a cleansing white light to your auric field, clearing congested energies and renewing inner peace. If you are just beginning and need guidance to keep you along the right path, Selenite will ensure that you remain true to yourself while walking in peace.

Selenite Tower Illustration

Selenite Cleansing Ritual

Another incredible use of Selenite is its distinctive ability to cleanse entire rooms of negative energy. This simple cleansing technique is very effective! Take a wand of Selenite into the room you want to cleanse, be sure to open a window or door so the energy has space to move, and allow the wand to guide you through the room. Start opposite from the aforementioned window/door and gently grasp the wand, feel the energy of the Selenite and allow it to move your hand through the air. Walk throughout the space and feel the revitalizing white light flow through the space, evicting all preexisting negative energy! If you are able, light a cleansing herb like Lavender or Wormwood to compliment the Selenite. Enjoy a renewed space that is filled with energies hospitable to the highest good and allow positivity to flow.

Black Tourmaline - The Potent Protector

If you’re prone to negative thinking, you dwell on the past, or act too concerned about the future: Black Tourmaline will be your best friend. It’s a powerful purification crystal that disperses negative energies from the surrounding area, protecting you and your energy. Many of us struggle with uncertainty and instability, but Black Tourmaline is our top pick for protecting you on your crystal journey.

There is a lot of power in a grounding and protective stone like Black Tourmaline. You can use it to protect yourself from harmful radiation by placing it with your electronic devices. Even place it in your car, under the seat, to help ward off the negative energies of other drivers. Above all else, Black Tourmaline is a wonderful stone to turn to when you find yourself overwhelmed and filled with dread. Fear and anxiety take a terrible toll on anyone, it’s so difficult to combat these issues alone. 

Rough Black Tourmaline Illustration

Black Tourmaline Protection Ritual

When you need something to cling to, reach for Black Tourmaline. For this ritual I highly recommend earthing (walking or standing barefoot on natural land) if you are able, but its not necessary. Stand, sit, or lay comfortably with your Black Tourmaline. Have it as close to your core as possible while you hold it with both hands, and feel its weight no matter how small. Allow your eyes to close and visualize the energy of the Black Tourmaline tethering you like an anchor towards the Earth’s core. Feel the black shell of energy, like nutrient rich soil, replenish your positive energy. If you feel compelled to recite an affirmation try something like: “I am protected, safe, and present” or “Nothing negative can reach me, I am a fortress”. When you feel ready, you can bring this piece of Black Tourmaline into a space where you need protection or of course carry it with you.

There are too many places Black Tourmaline wants to be present for me to name. If you find yourself stuck in a toxic work environment, keep some safely on you. The way that Black Tourmaline works is by transmuting negative energy into positivity; so when people are throwing bad vibes at you, it won't phase you. Offering you protection from many angles, keep a few pieces in the corners of your home. If you can safely hide a couple tumbles underneath the edges of a doormat (somewhere people won't step) you can protect your living space from negative energy from the start. Especially keep Black Tourmaline with you while you’re traveling, tucking a small piece in your luggage will also give it some protection on its way your destination. It’s an extremely powerful protector, and a great ally. Allow Black Tourmaline to be your (or make you your own) knight in dark, shining armor!

Rose Quartz - The Heart Healer

Throughout your crystal journey, especially at the beginning, Rose Quartz will be there to tend to your heart. Its loving energy will help heal past trauma, and protect you from new emotional wounds. In our opinion, every beginner can benefit from having a piece of this powerful heart chakra stone.

Often times those of us with more tender hearts (confidants, healers, or those with an empathic nature) can find ourselves filled with self doubt. We can sometimes find it easier to love those around us than it is to love ourselves. I’d encourage you to have some thoughtful moments with your piece of Rose Quartz and engage in a self love ceremony!

Rose Quartz Tower Illustration

Rose Quartz Self Love Ceremony

Rose Quartz is able to draw out negative feelings inside of you, and replace it with the energy of universal love. Please take time for yourself, enjoy its heart chakra revitalization. Lay down in a comfortable position, play gentle music, and rest a piece of Rose Quartz on your chest while you relax into a meditative state. Close your eyes gently to help focus on the feeling of your breathing. Envision a pink light emanating from your Rose Quartz, breaking up the negativity in your heart, and replacing it with love.

If you ever want to attract love into your life (romantic, platonic or otherwise) you can use Rose Quartz. Take a palm sized piece of Rose Quartz (or smaller) and hold it tightly in your hand, repeat an affirmation (through thought or speech) like ‘Love flows toward me easily’ or ‘Love finds me in all forms’ at least 3 times. Try to keep this piece with you, if it’s a pocket stone, or place it in a space where you want this energy to flow.

Tigers Eye - The Courage Creator

We’ve all experienced struggles with self confidence, being too timid, or lacking presence of mind. It’s a very human issue to overthink and stagnate, so bring out the wild nature inside of you with Tiger’s Eye! This stone brings you into the current moment, allowing you to see your situation in a more advantageous light. The confidence this new found perspective brings is astonishing: you gain clarity, courage, and confidence. True to its name, there is a tiger within all of us, and Tigers Eye can help that majesty awaken.

Just like how Tiger’s Eye changes at every angle in the light, it can illuminate your inner wild self. Throughout your journey you’ll learn just how important it is to walk in your power. If you skitter around like a mouse, your confidence can't shine through and effect your environment! Wear a little Tiger’s Eye, and think of yourself as the big cat themself. No one can shame a tiger, especially one that can envision the whole world as its jungle. Work with Tiger’s Eye through meditation and visualization of how you want to make your mark on the world around you. Watch as your confidence grows, and therefore you become steadfast in your beliefs, making sure steps towards your final goals.

Tigers Eye Palmstone Illustration

When you recognize yourself as a majestic creature of the Earth, people will also see you in that light. The confidence that grows in those who work with Tiger’s Eye is often as enchanting as the stone itself. If you previously have allowed yourself to be influenced by others negatively, it’s common they’ll be shocked by this transformation. Remember, with newfound confidence awoken by Tiger’s Eye there's the chance you’ll upset the smaller jungle creatures who ran rampant around the sleeping beast. Those around you that can't accept your positive changes, are not the community you can thrive in. Combine your use of Tigers Eye with a protective stone like Black Tourmaline, and walk with power on your journey!

Carnelian - The Ambition Ignition

While we are focused on searching for spiritual nourishment, it can be easy to neglect our physical health. Often we can find ourselves cold towards the tangible; so bring a bit of Carnelian into your journey to reignite the flames of passion! This stone has a brilliant fiery energy, that burns away complacency and renews the life force in your body. If you are seeking motivation, scorching passion, and a boost of physical energy to back it up: Carnelian is here for you. A perfect stone for a beginner to ignite your spark of passion for crystals!

There are so many reasons for a person to need to reconnect to their physical energy. Some of us have mental or chronic illnesses, some of us are simply dreamers in the clouds, and some of us may feel as if life has lost its luster. For any of us in a drudge who need a little boost to workout, clean, or just get some groceries: I would recommend this ritual.

Carnelian Sphere Illustration

Energizing Carnelian Ritual

Take a pocket sized piece of Carnelian, a bracelet, or other talisman, and find a comfortable place. It may help you get into the right state of mind by lighting warm colored candles, but it’s not a necessity. Next, hold your piece of Carnelian tightly in your hand. Take nice deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your eyes to flutter closed and grip the Carnelian, visualize a bright orange flame emanating from your fist. With your eyes closed, move your flaming fist close to your stomach, and allow that energy to warm the rest of your body. Picture veins of fire: as these veins reach each body part, move your limbs in accordance (i.e. gently turn your head to the left and right, roll your shoulders, bend your elbows, then wrists, wiggle your fingers on your other hand, etc.) When you’re ready, flutter your eyes back open, cup your Carnelian with both hands, and repeat an affirmation like: “I am revitalized, my energy is abundant, my passion is ablaze”. This piece of Carnelian should be kept with you when you need more energy!

Life can throw a myriad of difficult situations at us, perhaps the most difficult can be those that drain our passion. A hectic schedule, going through hardships, or even negative thinking can be incredibly discouraging. In a Pheonix-like fashion, Carnelian can bring back your love of life. Keeping it close to you can help reintroduce passion to all aspects of our lives; especially our relationships. Anyone who is looking for a little extra boost to sync your energy levels with that of your significant other should keep a Carnelian tumble or two with you on long couples hikes! Or perhaps a bowl in the kitchen, a temporary flame in the bedroom (you may want to remove when sleeping), the possibilities are endless to imbue its vibrant energy into your home and relationships.

Sodalite - The Communication Amplifier

Errors in communication can be a challenge for anyone. Within ourselves, we want to be able to define our desires, our thoughts, our feelings. Even more difficult is the ability to take these from the abstract and communicate them to our physical reality. Sodalite is the perfect guide for those of us too ‘inside of our own heads’. This deep blue stone works with our throat and third eye chakras to create the pathway from harmonious thought to speech. It helps you stay true to yourself, illuminating your unique personality through intention. Use Sodalite to inspire a more intuitive outlook, and a more articulate path of communication.

Everyone has experienced a momentary lapse in confidence. Intake and output of information are supported with Sodalite. It boosts a person’s natural ability to be analytical and realistic, so its perfect to put next to your books and journals. Carry or wear it during high stress presentations, especially those which require public speaking. Most important, is Sodalite’s ability to keep you on the correct path for your personal expression. In times where you feel like you need to stand out from the crowd, lean on Sodalite, and it will support your intuition.

Sodalite Point Illustration

Placement for this stone is especially helpful, throat chakra stones love to live near the throat. A Sodalite pendant will be a powerful talisman to bring with you as a boost of confidence in speaking. If wearing it isn't a possibility for you, think about holding a piece to your throat during a meditation! Going to a quiet place before a presentation and practicing with a Sodalite held to your neck will help you immensely!

Sodalite is especially beneficial for open and honest communication between people. It’s an excellent stone to place in the communal spaces of your home, especially when you know strong personalities are bound to mingle. It helps create an environment filled with both open minded acceptance, and kind hearted discussions. Whether its just a small piece in a dish, or a statement piece on a shelf: the effects will create a hospitable environment of communication.

And there you have our top 10 crystals for beginners!

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting, or perhaps revisiting, this elite crew of crystals! You can shop the entire Beginner Crystals Collection online or at our storefront in Westerville, OH where I wrote this article. During the writing process I personally held each of these crystals and allowed their energy to guide the message. Education is one of the fundamental pillars of our mission here at Rocks with Sass, while bringing the love of crystals into the light of the world. From the bottom of our hearts we hope you will continue your crystal journey with us. We’ll see you next week as we learn about the colorful world of crystals, and how each color takes its effects.

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